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These Collectible Steak Knives Never Go on Sale

Everyone knows the shape and style of a Laguiole knife, but not many people know that most that are made today are replicas. These are not replicas.


Most people are familiar with Laguiole-style knives, but most don’t know that authentic Laguiole knives are highly collectible and, by extension, far from affordable.

Today on Food52, the issue of affordability isn’t really quelled, but it is at least addressed. The site’s entire store stock is 20 percent off today (code: YAYMONDAY at checkout), and its stock includes a set of steak knives from one Laguiole en Aubrac.

Laguiole en Aubrac is one of few makers of legitimate Laguiole blades. Every knife in this set (and every knife produced under the brand’s name) is made by a single artisan using a different type of wood in each handle, and each handle is stamped with the signature bee mark of authentic Laguiole knives (it’s always at the point where the handle and blade meet).

This set, comprised of four knives made by four different people, is marked down from $420 to $340.

Buy Now: $420 $340

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