Analog/Shift X Grahame Fowler’s Watch Accessories Line is 15% Off Today

Analog Shift and Graham Fowler’s watch accessory line features awesome rolls, bags, and more, and they’re all discounted today.


Analog/Shift, purveyors of fine vintage watches and Grahame Fowler, menswear designer, teamed up this year to produce some awesome watch-related accessories, including a watch roll, Nato strap roll, document holder, satchel and more. These are quality goods made with the finest materials, and not the type of thing you see regularly discounted.

However, A/S and Grahame Foweler are offering 15% the GAS line of watch accessories today for Cyber Monday via Whether you’re looking for a tote bag or a satchel in leather or canvas (all three come with removable watch rolls) or a dedicated watch roll with accessories pouch, such as the MoD watch roll (shameless plug — I have one of these, and it’s awesome), there’s something in the GAS line for you. Use code “PATINA” at checkout!

More Info: Here

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