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If You Grill with Charcoal, You Need This $14 Tool

Weber’s cheap, dead-simple charcoal starter is about as necessary to grilling as the charcoal itself.

weber rapidfire chimney starter gear patrol lead full

The biggest pain point in charcoal grilling happens before the food is out of the fridge. Properly lighting charcoal has always been a contentious, frustrating and tedious subject. The cover-it-in-lighter-fluid approach can be fast, but imparts chemical flavors onto food, and you can only burn so many napkins before giving up.

The fastest way to light coals naturally is a charcoal chimney, and Weber’s already-affordable option is on sale today. Place the chimney on the grates of your grill, fill it with charcoal and light a wad of newspaper underneath. Once your coals start to turn gray (usually about 20 minutes), dump them in the base of the grill and you’re ready to cook. The Weber chimney is a little more than 22 percent off today on Amazon.

Buy Now: $14

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