Turn Your Apartment into the Garden of Eden

The new Herbstation from Altifarm will give even the most compact apartment dweller room to grow their own food.



There are a lot of city-dwelling green thumbs out there who are constrained by their apartments. The new Herbstation from Altifarm is here to change all that, giving even the most compact resident room to grow their own food. The Herbstation is a compact indoor farm that makes growing your own produce simple and easy. Using either soil, hydroponics or seed pods, this modular growing container can turn your apartment into a vegetable garden — even if it lacks natural light. It comes packing snap-on magnetic grow lights that use powerful and efficient OSRAM LEDs, bringing the power of the sun indoors. It even has a self-contained watering system that can store up to 7 to 10 days of water. Right now, you can pre-order the Herbstation over at Indiegogo for a good deal.

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