The Painless Emergency Alternative to Stitches Is Here

This groundbreaking emergency alternative to stitches is faster, less expensive and less painful than traditional stitches.


With all the incredible advances in medicine from the past few decades, going to the hospital and having your flesh sewn together with a needle and thread can seem a bit crude. Especially so, now that there’s a painless alternative for use in emergencies that you don’t even need to go to the hospital for. If you happen to get a cut that is too much for butterfly bandages and strips, this device allows you to non-invasively treat those minor lacerations in seconds, wherever you may be without the hassle and cost the ER for stitches. ZipStitch is a wound-closure device designed with unique hydrocolloid adhesives and medical-grade polymer zip ties to close and bind the wound. Wounds healed with ZipStitch are better protected and left with less scarring, and the process is quick and painless. This holiday season, Gear Patrol readers can get up to 30 percent off their order with the code Gear30, plus an additional 20 percent off when you buy over five.

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