This Pen Will Convert You to Writing on Paper

The Inventery Bolt Action Pen writes wonderfully, and the quality internal mechanism gives it a satisfying and audible snap when clicked.


In a time where most of the writing we do is likely being typed, there’s something ceremonial to physically writing something down. To write something out on paper is to distinguish it, commit it to memory or even immortalize it. Writing is becoming a lost art, and the Inventery Bolt Action Pen is the solution. Having a beautiful and well-designed pen to write things down is a game-changer, and once you experience it, you won’t go back. The Bolt Action Pen is made from solid brass, with a high-quality internal mechanism that gives the pen a highly satisfying audible snap when clicked. For a limited time, Inventery is offering 25% off to Gear Patrol readers with the code GP25 so that you can feel the difference for yourself.

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