At 50% Off, These Maho Shades Are a Steal

Maho is giving Gear Patrol readers 50 percent off its most popular pair of sunglasses on Black Friday with discount code GP50.


If you’re one of the fortunate few whose holiday travel plans include some sunny island down in the Caribbean, then my only suggestion would be to pick up a pair of sunglasses before you go so that you don’t wind up blinded by your brilliant luck. For everyone else, here’s a bit of news that may take some of the sting out of being stuck in the cold all winter: Maho Shades, the Caribbean-based sunglasses brand, is offering Gear Patrol readers 50 percent off its most popular model — the Denali — on Black Friday. Made with stainless steel, 24K gold and Italian acetate construction, as well as ultra-lightweight, polarized trivex lenses, these sunnies are a steal at just $85. Use the code GP50 at checkout to apply the discount.

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