There’s a Rare Sale on the Office Chairs We Use at Work

Herman Miller’s Sayl was already one of the best deals in task seating. Now it’s on sale.

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Herman Miller’s Sayl office chair has been the top choice of those looking to buy their first ergonomic office chair for years. When it came out, it earned a number of “bests” from judges and events like the Industrial Designers Society of America, International Design Awards and FX International Interior Design Awards, and it did so at the uncommonly low base price (for Herman Miller, anyway) of $545. Today, that office chair is 15 percent off — good for a savings of $82. It may not seem like much, but for a chair that’s never on sale and is good value even at retail price, it’s a worthy discount. And if it’s worth anything at all, they're the same chairs we use at GPHQ — and we really, really miss them.

If you want to know more about the Sayl chair and office seating in general, read our guide.

Buy Now: $545 $463

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