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Now’s the Perfect Time to Add Corduroy to Your Wardrobe

Don’t be afraid to get into corduroy, especially when it’s on sale.


For those of us who don’t know the soft, warm and, best of all, sensual touch of corduroy, I’m glad you’ve decided to join me for this post. Yes, we love wool, leather and denim, too. But corduroy is something special. It’s velvety soft because it actually is velvet, but, like, if velvet was an everyday fabric. Basically, cotton fabric is brushed up into dense piles of varying wales which give it a great-feeling hand with added insulation.

It’s a hardy fabric with a ton of texture, both ingredients that make for a perfect winter shirt. Or pants. Or a hat. Or, hell, even shoes! You can go cord crazy if you want and I’m here to enable you with this lil’ primer. And the best part of all these corduroy pieces is that they’re all on sale. Have fun!

Toundra Corduroy Overshirt by A.P.C. $280 $168

Trucker Jacket in Stretch Corduroy by J.Crew $118 $71

Classic Corduroy Moccasin Slippers by J.Crew $60 $36

Rimini Corduroy Dad Hat by Lock & Co. $165 $64

Pleated Baggy Corduroy Pant by Polo Ralph Lauren $125 $75

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