Unlock the Data You’re Missing In Your Fat-Burning Workouts

Thanks to Biosense’s Breath Ketone Monitoring System, you can now clearly identify when your body is in fat-burning mode — without finger pricks.


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Ketones are one of the hottest topics in the world of athletics — right up there with sub-two-hour marathon times and chunky-soled running shoes. But until recently, getting a clear picture of your ketone levels required multiple finger pricks per day or unreliable non-invasive sensors. Luckily, Biosense’s Breath Ketone Monitoring System is here to change that. If you’re exploring intermittent fasting or going low-carb, there’s never been a better way to know if it’s working. You can also get a clear picture of whether or not your body is really in fat-burning mode. All you have to do is blow into the Biosense meter. It’s as accurate as a blood measurement (without the prick), and is the only ketone breath meter that is registered as an FDA Class-1 Device — backed by clinical data. It works by scoring your ketone levels on a scale of 0-40. For optimal fat burning, 10 is a great daily goal and a score of 5 indicates you’re in a state of ketosis. Plus, it links via Bluetooth to a smartphone app so you can keep track of your score and progress. Right now, Gear Patrol readers qualify for free shipping on the Biosense today only.

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