This Five-Layer Filter Mask Is Here to Help You Breathe Easier

The Takta Mask uses multi-layer filter technology to remove 95% of particles down to 0.3 micros from every breath you take.


We doubt we’re alone in saying that during the past month we’ve absorbed more information about face-masks than we ever thought possible. It’s abundantly clear to us now that not all masks are created equal. The bandana you’re tying loosely around your face is a great option, but there are other form-fitting masks to explore as well. One such mask is Tekto Gear’s high-end, street-ready Takta mask, which just got restocked on its site. It uses not one, but five filters to remove up to 95 percent of particles down to 0.3 microns. Plus, you can order replacement filters so you can change them as necessary. The mask also features superior ventilation through Tekto’s Dual Valve System, meaning not only will you be inhaling fresh, clean air — you’ll be “breathing easily,” so to speak. Finally, Tekto is giving Gear Patrol readers 10% off with the code GP10 and the mask ships today — but act fast, as these masks tend to sell out quickly.

Buy Now: $50 $45

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