Earn Your Family’s Respect With This Campfire Trio From Wolf and Grizzly

The Campfire Trio comes with a portable R1 Grill, a foldable Fire Safe frame and ferro rod Fire Set — and right now it’s 20 percent off.


If your parents ever took you camping as a kid, you probably have vague, slightly painful memories of your parents telling you dinner was on “the grill” and then arguing for the next two hours about whose fault it was the fire wouldn’t start, and then over who burnt the hotdogs and then, finally, “whose idea was it to buy that damn grill in the first place!?” Now, we’re not saying Wolf and Grizzly’s Campfire Trio will stop your family from tearing itself apart, but it might keep your kids from raking you over the coals for ruining dinner again. The Trio combines Wolf and Grizzly’s three campfire cooking tools into a single lightweight and portable kit that’s as easy to set-up as it is to clean up. In addition to the Grill M1 and foldable Fire Safe, you’ll also get a ferro rod and knife-steel striker which, if used correctly, might even earn you your children’s respect. If you still need more convincing, Wolf and Grizzly are running a Memorial Day Sale where you can get 20 percent off all orders of $30 or more.

Buy Now: $179 $143

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