Now’s Your Shot to Own the Future of Rolling Luggage for 40% Off

The G-RO’s Check-In bag solves the issues that plague most rollerboards, and right now it’s available for $200 off.


Most rolling luggage designs create more movement problems than they solve when tackling anything but perfectly flat floors, particularly when the weather turns foul. Wheels slip out of alignment, rattle loudly or flat out break. They also take up precious overhead bin space.

The G-RO Check-In bag is specifically designed to fix all of these issues with its patented axle-less wheels. They help the bag feel lighter and roll easier, and they have a longer lifespan than what’s typical for rolling bags. And, thanks to the large wheels, the bag can easily to roll over any surface (steps, cobblestones, curbs etc.). But, since they’re integrated flush with the side of the bag, the Check-In also offers more interior space than competing bags with similar weights and volume. Combined with smart extras like an external shoe pocket, compression straps, multiple carrying handles and a TILE Bluetooth Tracker, the Check-In is clearly one of the most advanced pieces of luggage on the market.

More importantly, right now you can purchase the bag for a whopping 40% off the retail price by preordering on Kickstarter up until midnight EST / 9 pm PST on November 16th.

Buy Now: $299+ (40% Off)

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