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The Best Deals of the Week

These are all the deals you might have missed this week.


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Vitamix S50 Blender
Save $39Buying a Vitamix (or any other performance blender) is not a decision one takes lightly, and is typically reserved for the person who already knows or has researched what a Vitamix is capable of (hint: it’s not just for milkshakes). One overlooked aspect of buying a Vitamix, however, has nothing to do with its performance and has everything to do with a far more boring subject — square footage. The 5200 and the E310 (the two most accessible, popular models for home use) both take up a lot of countertop space when in use and cabinet space when in reserve.

Vitamix’s S50 blender, however, does not have this issue and is made to the same rigorous, unbending specifications its bulkier cousins are (that is to say its motor, blades and component, performance-related parts are all materials that do not wear down easily). More specifically, the S50’s base takes up 49-square-inches of real estate, where the other two take up 63 (the 5200) and 84 (the E310). The S50 also comes with two blend chambers — one for single-serve smoothies and a typical blender top — where the other two come with just the standard blend chamber. — Will Price

Buy Now: $309 $270


EcoFlow River Backup Batter
Save $160: Backup batteries were once seen as overkill, as unnecessary for all except paranoid doomsday preppers. Now they’re just another common tech accessory that many tote around on a daily basis. These types of batteries are small, and usually only good for a few phone or laptop charges, which is sufficient for the needs of most. For those who need even more power though, there’s the River.
EcoFlow calls the River a power station, and it designed it to replace a gas generator that can be used base camp-style to power everything from small devices to mini fridges. The portable lithium-ion battery houses 11 ports — including four USB ports, two USB-C ports, two AC and DC outputs, and a 12-volt car port — that can be used at the same time for a total output of 500 watts. They can all be used at once too, as the unit will appropriately regulate the flow energy to each device that you’re powering.
Maybe it is overkill if all you need is a backup charge for your iPhone, but if you’re in search of a real power solution for off-grid pursuits, or something to have in a pinch when the power goes out, the River is an entirely viable option. Right now it’s also on sale at Huckberry for 23 percent off, which makes it $160 cheaper. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $700 $540


Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket
Save 61%Truth be told, there are but few singular items of clothing worthy of the word “essential.” Among them are a good pair of boots, well-worn jeans, a cozy hoodie and, at least stateside, a denim jacket. And there’s no more affordable, less fussy or more iconic design than that of Levi’s denim trucker. Unchanged (for the most part) since 1962, its shape and design is the standard to which you compare all other denim jackets. One-hundred percent cotton, machine washable and supremely cool, the Levi’s trucker is 61 percent off today on Amazon, making it $35. — Will Price

Buy Now: $90 $35


New Balance Sneakers
Save up to 35% Off: Boston-based New Balance could easily be called a heritage running brand. Founded in 1906 as the New Balance Arch Support Company, the brand mainly sold supports until 1960, when it manufactured the world’s first ripple sole running shoe. In 1972, the current chairman of New Balance, Jim Davis, bought the company, and with only six associates working to build shoes, began to lay the framework for a manufacturing network in the Northeast. The rest, as they say, is history.

The brand’s running and lifestyle sneakers are an industry standard, manufactured in factories in Maine, Massachusetts and overseas. If you’re looking to pick up a pair of classic kicks, you can save up to 35 percent on a range of New Balance sneakers now at Nordstrom Rack. Including the 574, the 520 and the 515, among others, prices are all very reasonably priced and cost $65 or less. — John Zientek

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Bondhus 9-Piece Wrench Set
Save $13: Anyone who uses Allen wrenches a lot knows the necessity of always having the right sizes available — and trying to do any kind of work without the right piece of equipment can be a total nightmare. But thanks to this deal, you have no excuse for those gaps in your toolbox.

Bondhus uses a proprietary material for these tools called Protanium™ which is up to 20% stronger than what other toolmakers use. And if you’ve ever broken off the end of a wrench trying to loosen a difficult bolt (I have) you’ll understand why this matters.

The wrenches also feature balldriver ends for angled fits, allowing you to work on hard-to-access spots easier than with standard wrenches, and the chrome-like finish makes them corrosion-resistant and easy to keep clean. All in all, this nine-piece set would be a great buy for their regular price of $23, and at only $10 this set is a downright bargain.

Buy Now: $23 $10



Furniture from Target
Save 25% and Up: Like many categories, Target’s wares in the furniture and home space should not be written off quickly. The mega-retailer peddles an enormous number of good-looking, dead simple, budget items, and today a great many of those items are significantly more affordable.

Because Target believes we should celebrate coming of fall early, we will — take 15 percent off any furniture (even if it’s already discounted) with code FALL15 at checkout. Hot tip: check out the section of its site dedicated to furniture already on sale and stack the coupon with an already existing sale. — Will Price

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Saturdays NYC Clothing and Shoes
Save 40%: Need to bolster your cool-weather wardrobe before the mercury drops? Head over to Saturdays NYC and save 40 percent on a range of fall essentials. Garments utilize quality fabrics designed to age well with time, developing unique patinas and fades with wear. Pick from chinos, sweaters, shirts, shoes and more, but don’t wait — with prices like these, sizes are bound to sell out quickly. — John Zientek

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Zojirushi Commuter Mug
Save 62%: Zojirushi’s travel mug is excellent. The obvious and more ubiquitous strengths are its vacuum insulation and multi-walled body, but it’s the smaller details of this work commute essential that set it apart. The lid, for one, won’t spill or drip its liquid cargo even if dropped, knocked over or placed upside down. It’s also slim enough to fit in the cup holder of your car which, strangely enough, isn’t the norm.

Every size of Zojirushi’s subtly great mugs are all a part of Amazon’s Deal of the Day, and discounted more than 60 percent. — Will Price

Buy Now: $50 $19



Brooks Brothers Blazers
Save 28%: Since 1818, Brooks Brothers has provided men with well-made clothing fit for business, travel and various professional ventures. The NYC-based brand is a stalwart element of offices across the country for good reason: its classic designs and quality manufacturing are still some of the best. If you’re in the market for a new blazer and want to save on some timeless options from Brooks Brothers, head over to Nordstrom Rack now. The Two Button Notch Lapel Classic Fit style is 28 percent off and now costs just $250. — John Zientek

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Patagonia Black Hole Bags
Save 15%: Patagonia’s range of sturdy water-resistant packs and duffels — the Black Hole line — are made from ultra-tough 900-denier nylon and treated with a special TPU coating to keep moisture at bay in just about any environment.

Pair these innovative materials with the all-around durability, ergonomics and attention to detail that Patagonia is known for, and you can be sure these bags are all you need for whatever journey lies ahead of you — plus they’ll help you look extremely cool while you sprint through the terminal for that morning flight home.— Andy Frakes

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T-Fal Non-Stick Skillet
Save 74%: Why do we buy high-priced stainless steel cookware? It lasts longer, performs better, is (probably) used more than all your other cookware and provides greater value over its lifespan than cheap alternatives. Non-stick cookware does not follow these same rules.

Perhaps most importantly, non-stick cookware is not used nearly enough to warrant the pricetags more premium brands place on it. Its greatest feats are flippable eggs and its delicate treatment of fish. There’s also the simple fact that all non-stick pans have an expiration date, whether it’s advertised or not (the closest you’ll get is a warranty duration).

This is because — through heating, cooling, flipping, scratches and cleaning — all non-stick pans eventually shed their precious non-stick coating, making them completely worthless to cook on. Most even have a number of “releases” they’re good for (how many eggs you’ll be able to flip), but rarely make this information public.

This all adds up to a very happy ending — in the world of non-stick cooking, you’re better off buying cheap and simply replacing your pan when the coating begins to flake or food doesn’t want to come off it. And if you’re in the market now, T-Fal’s perfectly satisfactory non-stick skillet is a whopping 74 percent off on Amazon today. That’s down from $50 to $13. — Will Price

Buy Now: $50 $13


Fleece Jackets
Save up to 63%: Fleeces have been around for a while. More specifically, since 1981, when Malden Mills (now Polartec) teamed up with Patagonia to create it. The original stuff was thick, fluffy and pilled up after lots of use, but it was light and warm, even when damp. The two companies continued to refine the material (lighter, warmer) and it’s been so successful that now pretty much every outdoor company uses it to create technical and casual layers.
Fleece comes in a wide variety of weights and fabric styles now too — there’s micro-grid for high-exertion activities, thicker stuff for everyday wear and that original fluffy, sheep-like stuff is still around also. Fleece in all its forms, from full-zip to quarter-zip to pullovers, is currently on sale at Mountain Steals for up to 63 percent off. — Tanner Bowden

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H by Hudson

H by Hudson Crepe-Sole Shoes
Save up to 64%: In recent years, an increasing number of footwear brands have utilized crepe soles on shoes and boots. Commonly associated with Clarks Desert Boots, the soles are made from textured sheets of coagulated latex, a material that offers noticeable flexibility and cushioning. The proliferation of stacked-crepe soles coincides with the footwear industry trending towards chunkier more substantial soles across the board. It’s the opposite of a sleek, polished-leather sole dress shoe; it’s casual, comfortable and versatile.

If that sounds like something you’d like on your feet, head over to Nordstrom Rack. Currently, you can save up to 64 percent on a range crepe-sole shoes from H by Hudson. Prices are $70 or less and styles include derbies, loafers and chukkas, among others. — John Zientek

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Yamazaki Home
Save up to 20%: Though it’s not super well-known upon our shores, Yamazaki is a respected producer of home furniture and organizers with a decades-long history. Better yet, Yamazaki has a penchant for pricing its various tables and racks very accessibly, but now Huckberry is marking down a selection of the brand’s products up to 20 percent. Choose between side tables, key hooks, towers and racks to keep your various home goods in their place. — Andrew Connor

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Alpinestars Rideout Scion 2L Waterproof Jacket
Save 48%: Going from riding a motorcycle to casually hanging out with friends in town is more of a balancing act than you might think when it comes to gear. You want to make sure you’re safe for the ride and not head out in a t-shirt and tattered jeans, but if you show up in full race leathers or a full-body high-vis riding suit, you’re going to garner some looks. The Alpinestars Rideout Scion 2L Waterproof Jacket lands in between those to extremes, albeit closer to the more relaxed side of the spectrum. — Bryan Campbell

Buy Now: $220 $115


Newest Carry-On Suitcase
Save $100s: It’s hard not to love the look of Rimowa suitcases. They’re tough and industrial while somehow also being something close to elegant. A big downside, of course, is their sky-high price.
Not so with this look-alike from Newest. The suitcase – which comes in sizes ranging from 20 to 29-inches and colors like black, red, rose gold and silver – has a cease-and-desist worthy resemblance to the famed German luggage producer. We can’t vouch for this suitcase’s quality, but for the price, it’s hard not to want to take a gamble on it. Get one before LVMH’s lawyers find out.
— JD DiGiovanni

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Essential Daypacks from Patagonia, The North Face and More
Save up to 70%: Even if you’re not carrying textbooks anymore, and even if it’s been a few years since your last trail hike or camping trip, there’s nothing like a great mid-sized pack to get you through a day when you have to tackle, well, a little bit of everything.

This big sale from Mountain Steals has great daypacks from Mystery Ranch, The North Face, Patagonia and more, meaning whether you need waterproofing, external straps, a laptop sleeve or anything else, you’ll be able to find it here.
— Andy Frakes

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Seiko SKX Diver
The Seiko SKX diver is sort of the epitome of a value-packed watch. You get an automatic movement, you get a well-finished case and you get 200-meters of water-resistance, all for a couple hundred bucks. You’d be hard-pressed to find a watch that offers so much for so little. Even better, though, is the fact that you can get a few versions of the SKX over at Massdrop for just $190 or $220. That includes the SKX007K1, SKX009K1, SKX007J1, SKX009J1 and SKX011J1. Their differences come mostly form colorway, but note that some of these are “J” models (which will cost an extra $30), which usually go for a bit of a premium. That means that no matter what reference you’re picking, you’re getting a great price; for the most part, online dealers like Amazon and Long Island Watch are selling the cheaper K models around $200 or more while the J versions usually exceed $250. — Andrew Connor

Buy Now: $190+


Knoll Mid-Century Furniture
Save 15%Knoll’s importance in the realm of furniture design is unquestioned. Since its 1938 founding, it’s released products in any and all categories, many of which that would come to dominate and matriculate through said categories — the Florence sofa, the Barcelona chair, the Generation Series of office seating and way more (there’s more than 40 Knoll products in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection).

Naturally, this often means its products are far out of the reach of most people’s wallets. Today, those products are a little closer.

Design Within Reach, which is basically a museum of the most impressive furniture in the world, is offering 15 percent off all Knoll products (free shipping, too). The sale is live until Saturday. — Will Price

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Schuberth E1 Crossfire Helmet
Save 35% Properly putting you big adventure bike to the test means racking up hundreds if not thousands of miles both on the road and off. For those types of ride, you need the equipment that will not only go the distance itself but make it easier for you to go just as far and only a few helmets can outgun the Schuberth E1 in that territory. — Bryan Campbell

Buy Now: $849 $550


Anker Portable Chargers
Save Up to 58% If you’re thinking about pulling the trigger on a portable power bank, today looks like the day to do so. Two of Anker’s high-end power banks are super cheap today on Amazon. The PowerCore+ 26800 PD is nearly 60 percent off and the PowerCore Speed 20000 PD is half off. While each comes bundled with a high-quality, quick-charging wall adapter, if you’re in need of a two-port wall adapter, some of Anker’s best are also on sale. We’re not sure how long these deals will last, so act fast. — AJ Powell

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Sorel Winter Boots
Save Up To 50%: Finding a pair of fall boots that has the style to fit your aesthetic and the grit to actually, you know, survive the season can sometimes be a tall order. Thankfully, Sorel’s Cheyanne II boots — a modern, monochromatic take on the duck boot — are almost half off right now. They feature a lightweight, waterproof canvas upper and a vulcanized rubber shell, making them a great way to keep your feet dry and warm. — Justin Fenner

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Norse Projects

Norse Projects Aros Chinos
Save 49%: A pair of dark chinos is one of the more versatile pants in your wardrobe. It looks just as appropriate with sneakers and a tee as it does with brogues and a blazer. Danish brand Norse Projects makes a great mid-rise option called the Aros that features a zip fly, front slash pockets and back welt pockets. Now at Need Supply, these great everyday chinos are 49 percent off. Available in sizes 28 to 36, they cost $91 — not a bad price for such a multipurpose garment. — John Zientek

Buy Now: $180 $91


Milwaukee Tool Toolkit
Save $260Born in 1924, Milwaukee Tool is among the most respected names in power tools. Its wares are designed for professional use and in collaboration with professional craftsmen. This is best seen in the company’s understanding of how and when tools are used — namely, when a tool needs to be heavy and when it’s better to be light and agile, and when tools need to be more or less compact.

This means its products don’t typically fall on the affordable end. Luckily, today you can grab two drill drivers, a residential-sized circle saw, a hacksaw (spelled with a “z” for some reason) and a few spare batteries (it’s all wireless). The set, which retails for $560, is a much more manageable $299 today on Home Depot’s site. — Will Price

Buy Now: $560 $299

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