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All the Deals You Might Have Missed This Week

These are all the deals you might have missed this week.


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Deals of Note
Outdoors and Fitness



Target Furniture Collections
Save Up to 50%: Where the hunt for affordable home furnishings was once restricted to the blue Swedish giant, Target has become a viable alternative. And to say farewell to summer, Target is running an enormous clearance sale on a wide selection of its furniture.

The retailer stocks a number of furniture collections ranging from its mid-century modern Project 62 line to its minimalist Made by Design range. The sale includes all the basics needed to outfit your home, including dining tables, coffee tables, sofas and armchairs. Check availability for in-store pickup to bypass the significant shipping fees tagged onto larger orders. — Tyler Chin

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ThermoWorks Silicone Spatula
Save 40%: ThermoWorks’ 100 percent silicone spatulas are better than metal spatulas for a number of reasons, but the most obvious one is the most impactful: it’s flexible. This is especially useful when attempting to dislodge eggs, pancakes, pie or cornbread from what they naturally want to stick to. Silicone spatulas also happen to be much easier to clean than metal ones and, because they don’t have any sharp edges, they can’t scratch cookware or mixing bowls.

Today you can cop best silicone spatula there is for $6 instead of its regular $10.
— Will Price

Buy Now: $10 $6

roomba i7 review gear patrol lead full
Chandler Bondurant

Roomba i7+ Robo-Vacuum
Save $100: When we reviewed iRobot’s i7+ robo-vacuum, we called it the best robo-vacuum you could buy. But we did so with one caveat: price. The full setup — which includes the vacuum and its charging and trash-dumping base — starts at $1,099. Today on Amazon, the cost is slightly more wallet-friendly.

Marked down $100, the i7+ is the first robo-vac to empty its dust contents for you. Once it senses its dustbin is full, it locks itself into its home base and deposits the trash inside (the base can hold around 30 Roombas worth of trash). It also retains “mission” data every time you send it out to clean, and it uses that data to more quickly clean your home on future missions. It’s all controlled through iRobot’s smartphone app. — Will Price

Buy Now: $1,099 $999


Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum
Save $120: Every year, Dyson charts new territory in the vacuum world with iterative improvements upon older models, usually in the form of more battery and power. This year’s V11 also brought additional space in the dustbin and a novel LCD display that tells users how much juice is left in the battery — both great features if you’re willing to pony up $699 for the latest and greatest in suction tech.

For the rest of us, Dyson’s discounted back catalog still boasts some of the most impressive vacuums ever known to man. And in 2019, none represents a better balance of price and performance than the three-year-old V8.

The V8 has plenty of suction (115 airwatts), up to 40 minutes of runtime (seven minutes on full power), a washable HEPA filter and, of course, it comes with Dyson’s legendary warranty. The cherry on top: you can buy the $450 vacuum directly from Dyson for just $330 today. — Will Price

Buy Now: $450 $330

lodge cast iron 5 piece cookware set

Lodge Cast-Iron Cookware Set
Save More than 50%: Lodge’s four-piece cast iron set is for those who’ve caught the cast iron bug but lack the wallet. Discounted by 25 percent, the set includes Lodge’s standard 10.25-inch skillet, a Dutch oven and a griddle, all for under $50. That’s cheaper than any single, standard-sized skillet from boutique cast-iron cookware brands launched in the last few years. The whole set is made in Lodge’s South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, facility and comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil. — Will Price

Buy Now: $90 $48


Breville Coffee Maker
Save $100: Beyond brewing Gold Cup standard pots of coffee and holding an SCA certification, it lets you customize brewing options like flow rate, bloom time and water temperature. It’s the only coffee maker that can brew with flat bottom filters and cone filters. There’s even an attachment that allows you to insert your favorite pour-over brew device and let the machine do the work. Its heating system warms water as it travels to the showerhead, meaning you don’t have to wait minutes for the water to come to temperature and making it literally the fastest coffee maker you can buy. Its downsides, few that they are, are its size and price. It’s worth comparing its height to the space between your countertop and kitchen cabinets. As for price, the machine is $100 off its hefty $300 tag on Amazon right now. — Will Price

Buy Now: $300 $200



This Simple-Yet-Iconic Motorcycle Jacket Is More Than Half Off Right Now
Save 56%: These days, motorcycle jackets come in all shapes, sizes and materials. But there’s nothing like the classics. Dainese knows all about that; the company has been whipping up bike gear since 1972, a legacy that has helped it become one of the best-known, most-dependable names in motorcycle safety equipment.

And, speaking of legacy — Dainese’s Legacy jacket is currently on sale for an impressive 56% off right now on RevZilla, selling for a mere $200.

The Legacy is simple, by modern motorcycling standards; it’s made of grain cowhide with a cotton liner, and features pretty much extend to a pair of pockets outside and one within, as well as slots to slide armor in at the elbows and shoulders. But considering the proven name of its maker and this low, low price, it’s hard not to see this as a perfect addition to your spring and fall riding gear. — Will Sabel Courtney

Buy Now: $450 $200


One of the Most Iconic Motorcycle Jackets Ever Is Almost $300 Off
Save 20%: It’s not easy to earn a reputation for rugged reliability in the world of motorcycle gear, but Belstaff has been at it for nearly 100 years. Covering the backs of some of the first motorcycle racers at the famed Brooklands track, the first runnings of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy and even cloaking Che Guevara as documented in his memoir The Motorcycle Diaries, Belstaff has proven itself worthy in the roughest real-world conditions.

As it’s risen to prominence in recent years, Belstaff has entrenched itself in the luxury performance apparel space; as a result, price tags tend to be high across the brand. Today, however, the Classic Tourist Trophy Jacket — one of Belstaff’s most iconic designs — is 20 percent off at RevZilla, currently selling for just $1,160. –Bryan Campbell

Buy Now: $1,450 $1,160

Outdoors and Fitness


Crankbrothers M5
Save $2: All the bells and whistles available on modern bicycles can make working on them seem rather daunting. But the reality is that you can do a lot of adjustments and fixes yourself if you have the proper tools — and you don’t need to strap some massive toolkit to your bike, either. The Crankbrothers M5, on sale at Amazon right now for just 11 bucks, has many of them covered.

Granted, you won’t be able to fix a flat or replace a chain with this gadget, but the included Philips #2 screwdriver and #3, 4, 5 and 6 hex wrenches are all you need to change your seat height, adjust your brakes, tighten up your headset, attach bells and lights or add a bottle cage. Plus, it weighs less than 3 ounces, making it easy to slip in your pocket or bike bag and forget all about it till someone on your ride has a hangup and you get to play hero. — Steve Mazzucchi

Buy Now: $13 $11


3 Awesome Fixed-Blade Knives Are on Sale
Save up to 50%: Recently, knife designers have proved that fixed-blade knives can be as versatile as folders. Here are three that are on discounted now. — Tanner Bowden

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Nike Epic React Flyknit 2
Save $50: When Nike announced React foam in 2017, it promised the impossible: foam that’s lightweight, durable, and provides ample cushioning and bouncy energy return. Nike’s materials scientists tested more than 400 chemical combinations until they found the perfect mix, which the first delivered in basketball footwear. But React found its stride after Nike injected it into the Epic React Flyknit, a running shoe that gained a considerable following throughout 2018.

It wasn’t surprising that the Epic React Flyknit 2, released earlier this year, would also be a success. It features the foam that’s embedded in its name as well as Nike’s sock-like knitted upper, Flyknit. But for the follow-up, Nike tweaked that part of the shoe’s construction: the upper is stretchier, more supportive, and comfier with a lower heel cuff. Right now, the shoe is $50 off on Nike’s website. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $150 $100


Danner Jag Hiking Boot
Save $70: Not unlike vegans and CrossFitters, some technical hiking boots just can’t wait to let you know what they do. And that’s all well and good, but sometimes you want something a bit more… understated. You know, something you can wear around town without looking like you just came down off Pike’s Peak.

Enter Danner’s retro-styled Jag Boot, which almost looks like something you’d be more likely to encounter at the local skate park than the backwoods. And yet it still packs a technical punch, thanks to Danner Dry inserts that stand up to rain, a breathable mesh lining, comfy Ortholite footbed and grippy waffle sole. The combo of appearance and performance makes for a very versatile shoe — and one that’s hard to pass up when it’s up to $70 off at Backcountry. — Steve Mazzucchi

Buy Now: $160 $90


NYRR New York City Marathon Fueling Pack
Save 17%: Loads of performance products advertise that your new PR is just a dose away. Very few have the bona fide results to back it up. But we’ve confirmed that the drink Geoffrey Kamworor consumed while breaking the half-marathon world record came from Maurten, a brand we have long believed in, and it’s now a key part of an awesome New York Marathon Fueling Pack on sale for 17 percent off at The Feed.

Of course, you don’t have to be running that actual marathon to benefit from this offer. The sampler includes caffeinated Clif Bloks, Nuun Sport tablets, VitalFit recovery capsules, Amp Human Performance PR Lotion, Sur Alt Red capsules and Run Gum, plus the record-breaking stuff: 6 servings of Maurten Drink Mix and 8 servings of Maurten Gel 100. Order now and you’ll also get an expert guide explaining how to use everything in the pack, as well as two handy drink bottles.
Now, we can’t promise you’ll run a half-marathon in less an hour like Kamworor does, but you will get to experiment with and benefit from a bunch of top-notch performance aids. (Pro tip: Try this stuff out before your big race. Come race day you shouldn’t introduce anything new that could unexpectedly throw off your game.) — Steve Mazzucchi

Buy Now: $114 $94



Nike Air Max Sneakers
Save 42%:Now’s the perfect time to pick up a new pair of sneakers for fall. Currently at Nordstrom Rack, you can save 42 percent on a pair of Nike Air Max kicks. That means the classic style is just $65 while supplies last, so don’t wait — these will be gone before you know it. — John Zientek

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Men’s Suits at Macy’s
Save up to 85%: Now during Macy’s Suiting Event, you can save up to 85 percent on a huge selection of suits. Choose basic options from Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis and more — the prices are too good to pass up. — John Zientek

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Filson Bandera Backpacks
Save 43%: Founded in 1897, Seattle-based Filson made a name for itself outfitting some of the hardest workers in the West. It’s bags accompanied workers to the rugged Alaskan wilderness and were proven year after year. While Filson still makes its classic designs, it also makes some backpacks more suited to everyday use.

The Bandera backpacks are made in the USA from hardwearing twill. The 22L bag has a large U-shaped zipper, an interior laptop pocket and a front zip pocket. Normally priced at $175, this discontinued model is now 43-percent off and costs just $100 — act fast if you want a great everyday pack. — John Zientek

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Cole Haan Suede Bomber Jacket
Save 50%: If you want to score a classic leather jacket for an incredible deal, head over to Nordstrom Rack today. Currently, you can save 50 percent on a few suede bomber jackets from Cole Haan. The zip-up style features two hand pockets, a cotton-linen lining and a ribbed collar and cuffs. Available in olive, navy and tan, this $500 jacket now costs just $250. — John Zientek

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Wolverine Boots
Save 25%: If you’ve been meaning to invest in a new pair of boots but haven’t found the right pair, Wolverine is currently making a compelling case for its hard-wearing styles. Now at Zappos, a bunch of boots from the Michigan-based brand are 25 percent off: choose from American-made lace-up styles including the iconic 1000 Mile boot and the go-anywhere Montague Boot boot. Many sizes are currently available, but with such a substantial discount, they won’t be for long. — John Zientek

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Docker’s Pants, Shirts and More
Save up to 50%: If you’re looking to update your everyday wardrobe with some classic pieces, head over to Dockers today. Currently, you can save up to 50 percent on chinos, shirts and more. With prices this good, things are bound to sell out, so don’t wait. — John Zientek

Learn More: Here


airpods deal gear patrol lead full

Apple AirPods (2019)
Save Up to $30: Looking for AirPod deals? You’re in luck. Amazon is selling the newest AirPods with or without the new wireless charging case at pretty steep discounts right now. If you want the wireless charging case, Amazon is selling those AirPods for $169, which is $30 cheaper than what Apple is charging for them. If you don’t care about the wireless charging case, Amazon is selling these normally $159 AirPods for roughly $15 off. — Tucker Bowe

Buy Now: $199 $169 (Wireless Charging)Buy Now: $159 $145 (No Wireless Charging)


Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise-Canceling Headphones
Save $150: Right now, eBay is selling refurbished Sony WH-1000XM3 noise-canceling headphones for under $200. That’s a pretty terrific deal considering these are arguably the best noise-canceling headphones you can buy, and new models typically cost around $350.

If you’ve been wanting to purchase some really great noise-canceling headphones, which are right up there with the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 ($399) and the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, then you should jump on this eBay deal. — Tucker Bowe

Buy Now: $349 $199


11-inch iPad Pro with Wi-Fi (Latest Model)
Save $200: Amazon is selling the latest 11-inch iPad Pro with Wi-Fi and 1TB of storage at its lowest price ever — it costs $1,349 on Apple’s website right now, but Amazon is discounting the same model by $200. Amazon’s deals on iPads of various radio types and storage capacities can fluctuate pretty regularly, so if this is your dream deal, now is the time to act. But you may be able to find deeper deals on different loadouts down the road. — Tucker Bowe

Buy Now: $1,349 $1,149


Apple Watch Series 4
Save up to $100: Apple officially announced the Apple Watch Series 5 last week and, in doing so, also stopped selling the Series 4, presumably because it’s slightly too similar to the new flagship offering, with the exceptions the Series 5 has an always-on display and a new sensor (a magnetometer) that allows it to work as a compass, showing you which way you’re facing while using Apple Maps. The Series 5 also comes in titanium models, although those are significantly more expensive. That said, it’s a great time to shop for the Apple Watch Series 4 because it’s on sal. It also has a bunch of the newer features that the Series 3 lacks, including fall detection, a built-in EKG and a variety of fitness features. If you shop on Amazon right now, you can buy a Series 4 with cellular for as little as $399, which is $100 off. If you don’t need built-in LTE, which I’d argue that most people don’t need (nor do they want to pay the extra $10 each month on their phone bill), you can get a pretty good deal on GPS-only models of the Series 4, too. — Tucker Bowe

Buy Now: $399 $349+ (GPS)Buy Now: $499 $399 (GPS + LTE)


Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise-Canceling Headphones
Save $150: Right now, eBay is selling refurbished Sony WH-1000XM3 noise-canceling headphones for under $200. That’s a pretty terrific deal considering these are arguably the best noise-canceling headphones you can buy, and new models typically cost around $350.

If you’ve been wanting to purchase some really great noise-canceling headphones, which are right up there with the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 ($399) and the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, then you should jump on this eBay deal. — Tucker Bowe

Buy Now: $349 $199



Seiko Prospex and Presage Watches
Save 20%: Hear ye, hear ye — a bunch of Seiko watches are on sale! Automatic ones! Diver ones! An all-black one! If you’re the type of person who hates paying full price for already-affordable, well made Japanese watches, then this is the sale for you. Take 20% off tons of great Seiko watches today from Macy’s, including entries from the Prospex and Presage collections. — Oren Hartov

More Info: Here


Seiko SRPC91 “Save the Ocean”
Save 27%: Released in 2018, the Seiko SRPC91 “Save the Ocean” is a Turtle-based special edition diver produced in partnership with Fabien Cousteau, Jaques Yves Cousteau’s grandson and and himself an ocean explorer and conservationist. It features a special blue gradient dial meant to recall the ocean housed in a 45mm stainless steel case, a Hardlex crystal, rubber dive strap and the Seiko automatic 4R36 movement with day-date indication. In partnership with Cousteau, Seiko will dedicate a portion of the proceeds from sales of the SRPC91 to Cousteau’s Ocean Learning Center, dedicated to promoting ocean health and conservation.
— Oren Hartov

Buy Now: $495 $359


Orient Ray II Dive Watch
Save 60%: Right now, you can grab the Ray II in three dial variants beginning at just $118 on Amazon, down from Orient’s MSRP of $325. The Ray II features a 41.5mm stainless steel case with matching bracelet, a unidirectional dive bezel, an automatic Japanese movement with 40 hours of power reserve and a day-date display. At this price and with this feature set, what’s essentially the perfect summer watch could easily become your favorite everyday watch. — Oren Hartov

Buy Now: $325 $118


Bulova Oceanographer “Devil Diver”
Save 40%: Bulova’s been dipping (“diving?” More appropriate?) into its archives for the last couple years, a popular result of which has been the reintroduction of the famed Oceanographer “Devil Diver,” so-called for its depth rating of 666 ft. Right now, you can grab the Devil Diver for only $477, a 40 percent savings off the list price of $795 (use the extra 20 percent off code “VIP” at checkout). — Zen Love

Buy Now: $795 $477

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