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The Perfect Backup Charger for Your MacBook Pro Is Extra Cheap Right Now

The 61-watt USB-C wall adapter that comes with each new 13-inch MacBook Pro costs $69. Amazon is selling a more powerful alternative for just $22.

amazon basics 65w one port usb c

The AmazonBasics 65-watt USB-C wall adapter is the perfect backup charger for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. It normally costs $33, but Amazon is running a special deal right now -- you can purchase it for just $22. It's available in both black and white colorways.

Each new 13-inch MacBook Pro comes with a 61-watt USB-C wall adapter, which Apple sells for $69. The AmazonBasics one that Amazon is discounting right now is actually slightly more powerful than that, and less than a third of the price. It's a great backup option for traveling or if you break or misplace the wall adapter that come with your laptop.

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AmazonBasics 65W Charger
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