Tested: B.O.B. Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

The BOB Revolution Pro jogging stroller is a brilliant piece of equipment that will benefit you and the baby — and give mom some extra alone time.

B.O.B.’s Revolution PRO ($500) could be the most technologically advanced piece of workout equipment you’ll ever own. The founders, from San Louis Obispo, CA, got their start by making bike trailers to transport gear, but they quickly realized they could use the same materials and principles to build a jogging stroller. Using their own kids as test pilots, they refined their prototypes and quickly became the go-to source for three-wheeled jogging strollers. The Revolution PRO comes in Gear Patrol colors, so we laced up our shoes, loaded up the kid and set off to test this versatile piece of baby gear.

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Guys tend to get bored when it’s just us and our children. Moms can sit and read a book to their kid for hours on end, but I found myself on those “I’ll take her for a few hours” sessions wanting something to do. So when the jogging stroller came I ripped it open, assembled it quickly and asked my 12-month-old daughter if she wanted to go for a run. She stared at me, but I knew that meant yes. Over the course of the next few months we logged about 50 miles with the stroller and it was nothing short of impressive. From the neighborhood streets to rough sidewalks to steep canyon hiking trails, the stroller took everything in stride.

Guys tend to get bored when it’s just us and our children.

The Revolution PRO rolls with high-strength aluminum alloy, a five-point padded seat harness, water-resistant poly blend seat and hood material, coil spring and elastomer core shock absorbers, polymer composite wheels, rear brakes, and an adjustable handlebar. It collapses down to a packable size with two quick moves, though at around 25 pounds and 25.5 inches wide from wheel to wheel (wider than most other strollers), it took some maneuvering to get it in and out the trunk. But once wrestled free, you simply pull back on the handlebars and swing the front wheel away from you, and the wheel locks in place.

The adjustable handlebar comes in handy when pushing uphill and the wrist strap and rear drum brakes make going down steep declines feel much safer. With rain ruts and other rises on the trail, the three inches of wheel travel in the suspension ensured that my daughter wasn’t getting sick as we forged ahead. With the flip of a switch, the front wheel transitioned from being free to rotate left and right as in a traditional stroller, to being locked in place pointed forward which came in handy as the trail narrowed and we needed to ensure a straight path for safety. The mesh elastic pocket on the back of the seat was perfect for car keys, wallet, phone, etc., and a lower-hanging basket held a few diapers, wipes, granola bars and some water bottles.

As comfortable as the stroller was for the jogger, it was even better for the rider. A large canopy to shade the sun, foot rests and a wide padded seat, two mesh pockets perfect for a stuffed animal and a sippy cup and reclinable seat back for long jogs (or ones that happen closer to nap time) kept my year-old test pilot happy nearly the whole time.

The B.O.B. Revolution Pro should not be classified as a stroller. It’s a piece of equipment — and a great one at that. The design is smart and attractive and I found myself storing it in the house rather than the garage, just to keep it clean and protected. The stroller’s a great option for any parent: a durable apparatus that will allow you to safely and comfortably spend time with your child while taking on new adventures. Not to mention the orange and black Gear Patrol livery looks quite smart.

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