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The Adidas Shoe That Sold Out in 15 Minutes Is Finally Available Again

Adidas revealed its super-fast Adizero Adios Pro running shoe early in summer 2020, but getting a pair has been nearly impossible. Until, (hopefully), now.

a pink and blue running shoe with white accents

This summer, Adidas revealed a running shoe that it hopes will be the go-to choice for speed-obsessed athletes called the Adizero Adios Pro. Getting a pair was nearly impossible — runners had to download the Adidas app and sign up for a lottery, the winners of which earned the opportunity to exchange $200 for the shoes. They were gone as soon as they were available, and a recent restock was gone in record time too, but now the Adizero Adios Pro is back again.

The Adizero Adios Pro sits at the top level of a new class of shoe primed for speed. Adidas worked with world-record-holding runners like Rhonex Kipruto to develop it, with the explicit hope that it might be used to enable new, even faster speed records — and, no doubt, the implicit hope that it will contend with Nike's NEXT% as the go-to footwear for such feats.

a pink running shoe with white accents

At this point, a key ingredient that makes the Adizero Adios Pro the brand's fastest running shoe will be familiar: carbon fiber. But Adidas uses it differently from other companies; yes, there's a carbon fiber plate beneath the heel, but there are also five carbon-infused EnergyRods that sit beneath the metatarsals, sandwiched between thick layers of LightstrikePRO, Adidas' lightest foam to date.

The design, which also includes an ultralight mesh upper, comes directly from anatomical lab tests with elite runners and is engineered to provide maximum energy return and efficiency from one stride to the next. Adidas went through over 50 iterations — many tested by athletes in places like San Diego and Iten, Kenya — before landing on the final design.

The Adizero Adios Pro's flashy new color – the first edition was almost entirely white — comes from the athletes too, and reflects the emotional element of running a perfect race. There's a heavy dose of pink, for passion, that gradually fades through yellow and violet into blue, for rationality and resilience.

If you want to get a pair, you'll need to plan ahead. The Adizero Adios Pro will be available for purchase again on October 13 at 11 AM EST — set your alarm accordingly. This release will only be available to members of Adidas's Creator's Club, which you can join for free here.

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