Why Did Oakley Create a Set of $14,000 Sunglasses?

The brand is teaming up with NBA star Damian Lillard for a great cause.


Perhaps the only thing more jaw-dropping than NBA star Damian Lillard’s basketball game is the price of his new Oakley sunglasses. But before you flip out over these $14,000 specs — nope, that's not a typo, they cost as much as a decent used car — you should know the backstory behind these super-pricey shades.

These particular sunglasses — the Oakley MUZM Series 1875 X Metal Romeo and Juliet — are in fact a souped-up re-release of the brand’s first sculptural wire frame glasses, once rocked by another NBA icon who spent some time with the Portland Trailblazers — Scottie Pippen.

Two years of development and more than 400 designs went into bringing us these hand-finished, 3D-printed lightweight frames, which are made of a hypoallergenic titanium powder and engineered to naturally fit around the skull. The frames feature interchangeable nosecombs to dial in the fit, plus original elements such as socks, nosepads and flexbombs.

the trail blazers face the golden state warriors on march 3, 2021  bruce ely  trail blazers
Bruce Ely

This new Collector’s Edition honors both Pippen and Lillard — Oakley’s newest sponsored star — and is signed by both athletes. Even better? Oakley will be contributing $140,000 to RESPECT, a program founded by Lillard that challenges Portland-area high school students to show up, work hard and be kind. As part of the program, teachers and counselors are empowered to reward with game tickets, Lillard-signed items and other giveaways — and of course, Lillard himself even stops by the schools from time to time to check in and inspire the students.

It’s worth noting that this set features two sunglasses — the aforementioned Romeo and Juliet — so we're actually talking $7,000 a pair. The release also comes with a collector’s coin and booklet. And don’t worry: they're polarized.

Price: $14,000


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