With On’s Winter Running Kit, Freezing Temps Are No Match

We used the Insulator Jacket and Running Pants for our training runs to see how they stand up to the New York City winter.

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  • Brand: On
  • Product: Insulator Jacket and Running Pants
  • Price: $300 (jacket) | $170 (pants)
  • From: on-running.com

    Cold weather running takes dedication — it takes resolve and mental toughness to continue knocking down the miles as the wind picks up, temps drop and precipitation hammers down from above. But as any discerning outdoor athlete knows, even the nastiest of weather conditions can be tempered by having the right gear. Such is the story with On's Insulator Jacket and Running Pants. This kit is tailor-made to help you keep your goals in the crosshairs even through the worst that winter has to offer.

    To find out just how well On's jacket and pant stand up to winter running in NYC, our tester hit the ground running for some training miles.

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    From the Brand

    Insulator Jacket

    "Temperature changes fast in the mountains. But Mother Nature has the perfect solution. The Insulator Jacket uses a technical blend incorporating Swiss sheep's wool to provide warmth that doesn’t stifle performance, staying lightweight and breathable in all weathers. Now that's Swiss Engineering."

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    on running jacket
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    on running pants
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    Running Pants

    "Created by both engineers and designers, the look and comfort of the Running Pants means they are just as at home being worn on race day as they are on your day off. Fight off the elements with these highly comfortable pants that are made for movement."

    What We Like

    As soon as our tester hit the pavement, it was easy to see that the Insulator Jacket could be a go-to for longer runs through the winter. The fit was just right, and didn't seem bulky or too slim cut — a characteristic that often plagues other running jackets.

    Our tester also noticed the near-goldilocks balance between breathability and warmth thanks to the merino wool insulating layer. Merino wool has long been a preferred garment for outdoor enthusiasts partaking in cold weather pursuits thanks to its natural insulating and anti-microbial technologies. Its use in the Insulator Jacket makes for the ideal running jacket, as it allows you to run, sweat and be active without overheating or winding up with that "running-in-a-trashbag" feeling that you might get from other windbreaker-like running jackets.

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    Our tester also remarked at the functionality and smart design choice of the fabric that lined the pockets — which was plenty warm and helpful for heating up the hands at a stoplight or in between intervals.

    For our tester, the Running Pants were the most surprising piece of the kit. Our tester rarely runs in pants, and will only default to putting on tights once the temperatures really dip. But the Running Pants immediately demonstrated their value through smart design touches. Our tester noted that the knee section, in particular, was unique and that they hadn't seen another pant like it.

    The pants were warm throughout the test, and while our tester is still likely to push the limits by wearing shorts, it's easy to see the value and performance that a cleverly designed running pant brings.

    Complete Your Kit

    Who It’s For

    Athletes that are looking to extend their outdoor training through the winter will find a lot to love in On's Insulator Jacket and Running Pants. This is especially true if you're looking to run any of the races on the spring marathon circuit — skipping a training session isn't an option. For those days when the weather makes you want to hit the snooze button, this kit will make sure you stay warm and comfortable when you're out answering the bell.

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    On's Insulator Jacket and Running Pants might even give you the resolve and mental toughness to start a winter training routine, with or without a race on the calendar to train for. Both garments feature an attention to detail that's unlike any other and are crafted from premium materials that don't sacrifice on style or performance. Whether you are a casual runner or you just qualified for Boston, the Insulator Jacket and Running Pants will make sure that your fitness doesn't take a dip, even when the temperature does.

    Price: $300 (jacket) | $170 (pant)


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