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The Newest Allbirds Release Is the Ideal Shoe For Everyday Wear

Touted as a running shoe, we found the Tree Dasher 2 to be more comfy for casual wear.

allbirds tree dasher 2

When it comes to the marriage of sustainability and comfort, Allbirds has walked the road less traveled, and paved the way for plush footwear that takes the environment into consideration in the process. For spring 2022, the brand is dropping the Tree Dasher 2 — a rework of their original Tree Dasher.

The O.G. Tree Dasher was known for comfort, a decent weight and everyday wear. The Tree Dasher 2 builds upon that foundation, and adds some key updates and features. There are updates that you’ll feel immediately upon wearing, like the updated heel shape, reduced weight and new lug pattern, and then there are updates that go beyond the surface, like the reduced carbon footprint. Allbirds has revitalized one of their most popular shoe styles, making it more comfortable and more conscious.

What improvements have been made to the Tree Dasher 2?

As alluded to above, the Tree Dasher 2 is lighter by 0.3 ounces, clocking in at 10.3 ounces — making it among the lighter running shoe options. The lug pattern has been updated to improve traction and create more grip. The midsole has gotten an update, with the brand’s proprietary SweetFoam becoming more plush, lighter and more comfortable.

In addition, he eye-catching heel design, which is more angular than your typical runner, was designed to reduce the weight in the heel while improving the crash pad, while minimizing slippage.

allbirds tree dasher 2
Word to the wise: The Tree Dasher 2 is soft, but we still recommend wearing them with socks if you’re planning on going on anything more than a brisk walk.

My experience with these Allbirds

I found the Tree Dasher to be a super comfortable all-day walking shoe — I wore it working, running errands and on short runs, but I found on longer runs I needed more cushioning and support than the Tree Dasher was able to provide. Allbirds has made a significant push into performance footwear, but when I compared the Tree Dasher 2 to my more technically-advanced running shoes, I found them to be a bit heavier, and less comfortable for anything longer than a 5K.

One of the tenants of Allbirds is their comfort; typically, you’d be able to wear their shoes with no socks and not notice a difference, thanks to the merino wool liner that is naturally temperature regulating, antimicrobial and soft. In order to cut weight, the Tree Dasher 2.0 minimized the use of merino wool, opting to place it in the heel cup as opposed to the entire shoe. I did notice a difference right off the bat; I could walk in these all day, but when I experimented with a short run sans socks, I developed blisters on my heels and toes by mile two.

In terms of breathability, the Tree Dasher 2 kept my foot cool, thanks to the mesh upper that allows a significant amount of airflow through the shoe. As a bonus, the upper is made with FSC-certified Tencel Lyocell, which is sustainable fiber made in part from eucalyptus trees.

Takeaways after running in the Tree Dasher 2

Allbirds says on their site that the Tree Dasher 2 is best for Everyday runs, walks, roads, light workouts, and they’ve nailed it there: for the casual runner or anyone who wants more support throughout their everyday activities, this shoe is perfect. For the more demanding athlete or anyone training for longer distances, stick with your more technical runners.


Allbirds Tree Dasher 2

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