Indo Board

Improve Your Core. Don't Wear Heels.


I’m a big fan of looking for alternative ways to work out. This might sound blasphemous coming from a Gear Patrol writer, but, honestly, the gym just isn’t my thing. Growing up I was really into board sports (skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc…). Not only was catching a wave or rocking a fakie fun, the hours of perfecting the art kept me in pretty good shape.

Now-a-days, I’ve been finding it a little bit harder to make time for such sports; that and my current location here in Fort Walton Beach keeps me from actually being able to participate in them without having to book a flight somewhere. Thus, a search for something to fill the gap is always in motion.

Enter the Indo Board. The Indo Board isn’t a new innovative fitness regiment, in fact balance boards have been around for a while. It isn’t made with space age materials or a product of über German engineering or even 22nd century Japanese technology. As a matter of fact, it’s a wood board with a plastic roller. In the case of our picture: a wood board with a plastic roller and a woman in heels balancing.

So you ask, why feature it on GP? Cause it’s pretty gangster…nuff said. Otherwise, read on.


The Indo Board helps the rider develop balance, boost coordination, and increase leg strength – all while enhancing core fitness. Not only does it improve your motor skills, but it’s a great cross training tool. Try doing some kettle bell snatches on this thing (Disclaimer: don’t hold me accountable for the ass busting that may occur…cause it’s going to happen).

I keep my Indo Board in the living room and like to whip it out when I’m working on my fitness or getting crazy on the Xbox. Another bonus to owning an Indo is that ladies gravitate to it, intrigued by its awesomeness. She’ll be impressed by your skills and open to a “how to Indo session.” Where you take that is up to you, playa.

Cost: $100


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