Former Nike Designers Crafted the Coolest Kids Sneakers We’ve Seen

Built to help kids run, jump, skip — even fly.


You buy yourself running shoes that are durable and comfortable for all-day wear, so why wouldn’t you buy the same for your kids? Super Heroic sneakers look cool, and they’re built specifically for kids. The TMBLR v1 has the same great features as your CrossFit shoes: extra traction on sides to help them climb ropes and trees, a long-lasting rubber outsole to help with stability and a comfortable seamless interior. Both co-founders have Nike on their resumes, so it’s no surprise that the sneaker design and branding is on point. And did we mention Magic Johnson is an investor? Offered in three colors and a variety of sizes ranging from 12C to 7Y, your kids will likely never take the shoes off (nor the cape that arrives with them).

The only question we have is, “When they will start offering shoes for moms and dads, too?”

Buy Now: $79

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