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The One Tool Trainers Always Pack in Their Suitcase

Trainers and fitness professionals share all the gear they stash away in their suitcases so they can keep up their training routine while traveling.


Traveling and staying in shape can be tricky, but with 2018 firmly in the rearview, it’s time to start planning for the year ahead. Vacation calendars reset as do budgets, so if you were waiting for an opportunity to get away, 2019 is it. While we’re all about getting out to the mountains or to the beach, we have to admit that sometimes the weather isn’t quite perfect, or we might’ve gone a little too hard on the hotel buffet breakfast and more intense workout is needed. Sometimes a hotel gym is just sad, leaving you with few options. We called in the experts to hear how they motivate themselves while traveling and to see what exactly they pack in their carry-ons.

Chris Heuisler


Heuisler is in charge of leading over 250 Run Concierge’s in Westin Hotels, which means he’s on the road a lot. “My job is to help guests stay fit and active on the road, so I know how important it is to keep up your routine while traveling,” Heuisler says. Westin has made huge leaps to make its hotels the most travel and exercise-friendly, resulting in partnerships with TRX, Peloton and New Balance. “As I travel frequently from property to property to train run concierges and run races, these are the things I make sure to always have handy to help me stay fit on the road.”

runWEstin Wristband

“This is one of my favorite parts of my runWESTIN garb and something I absolutely never travel without. It includes a small compartment to carry my hotel room key, which is perfect when I am running or at the gym.”

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Garmin Forerunner 235

“This has been my go-to watch for three years now. And while I do often enjoy just running in a new city for the fun of it, I’m also keen on tracking my mileage as I do so.”

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Dionne Eleby


After performing with Nickelodeon and Norwegian Cruise Lines, Eleby is no stranger to working out on the road. She’s currently a trainer at 305 Fitness.

Resistance Bands


It is lightweight, compact and can be thrown into your carry-on without adding any extra weight to it. It comes in various sizes and resistance levels and can be used for a total body workout. Take them outside with you while you to do exercises in the park, use them while you wait for that connecting flight in the airport, or grab a partner and use them together! They’re just that versatile. I don’t have a specific brand that I go to, but I have found the Perform better bands get the job done.

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Joe Holder


Holder can be found jet-setting (for work, naturally) between New York and LA lending his expertise to everyone from fashion models to NFL players to top chefs to the everyman. He’s a zero excuses kind of guy, especially when traveling. “Working out is typically the easiest thing to do when you travel. Honestly, you just have to make time for it. People make it more complicated than it needs to be,” Holder says. “Just research the area before you travel, find some studios and if that isn’t the case, you have your body, feet, or some simple equipment or app to keep you moving. Your hotel will [likely] have a gym, as well, even if it’s small.” Beyond just fitness tools, Holder also travels with a variety of tinctures and proper nutrition. While it sounds like a lot, he has it down to a science.

Lacrosse Ball

“I travel with a lacrosse ball or some massage ball to keep my feet loose, but at the same time you can just use a foam roller in a similar way.”

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Nike+ Training Club App

“Equipment is a bit overrated when it comes to travel. I just have running shoes, Nike+ Training Club App and a jump rope.”

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Selena Samuela


The former amateur boxer and Shadowbox instructor joined the Peloton team back in May right around when the Peloton Tread classes began.

Punk Rope


“A super important part of your warm-up when training as a boxer is jumping rope. I have always loved to take a rope on the road with me, as it is an incredibly efficient way to get a quick sweat in if you’re limited with space and time. Jumping rope can improve your cardiovascular capacity, your foot speed, hand speed, your agility and coordination. It’s also a lot of fun, and once you get the hang of it, you can get really creative and find your own style and rhythm. It’s a hell of a workout!”

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Gerren Liles


The Equinox master trainer and CEO of Vision Fitness travels often for work, and for pleasure, so he’s learned exactly what to pack to keep up with his routine.


Liles packs both the pre- and post-workout mixes. “These awesome all-natural supplements fuel and re-fuel me when I work out.”

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CrossCore Suspension Trainer

“It’s basically a TRX on crack. The straps are on a pulley, which demands greater core engagement to maintain stability through various movements.”

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Hyperwear Sandbell

“A compact tool that I can create multi-dimensional movement with load. It challenges my grip strength and allows for dynamic movement like slams and throws.”

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Cody Rigsby


As a master cycling instructor at Peloton, Rigsby likely has a sweet home gym set up. The former pro dancer also uses meditation as a tool to find balance while traveling.

Super Sliders


“When I travel I use bodyweight movements to get a quick and effective workout. These sliders are meant for moving furniture but can elevate your core, chest and legs movements. They also fit in any bag including your carry-on.”

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Ariel Foxie


A trainer at S10 and Nike, Foxie focuses on mobility and conditioning at the gym. He’s a former national Physique competitor, so working out is essentially in his bones.

Hyperice Hypervolt

“Aside from a decent pair of running/training shoes, you can find me with my Hyperice Hypervolt, a tool used for vibration/percussion therapy. The last thing I want when traveling is my body to be sore, achy and ‘tight.’ Spending a few minutes with the Hypervolt pre- and post-workout can make a world of difference.”

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Krystal Salvent


The certified trainer and cycling instructor is definitely active when she travels, choosing to run Ragnar Relays and cycle 100-miles while she’s away from home. Same as Holder, she packs resistance bands and a lacrosse ball — “I use them for many different things. I like to start my workouts with dynamic exercises which help warm me up. Before running, squatting and push movements (i.e. push-ups) I do lateral band walks, banded squats, lateral side steps and clam shells.” Salvent also acknowledges that traveling with a foam roller can be tricky, which is why she grabs lacrosse balls for her glutes, calves and lats before using resistance bands.

REI Force of Nature Nalgene Water Bottle

“Nothing like staying hydrated before, during and after a flight. There’s no waste, it’s good for the planet and I can stay aware of my hydration level.” While this specific one is no longer available, you can never go wrong with a Nalgene.

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Skratch Lab Hydration Mix

“This is everything. The only hydration powder that doesn’t make me feel ill, shakey, itchy and gives me a little kick while doing my workout. No need for pre-workouts, and mixes easily alone or with the collagen protein.”

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Vital Protein Collagen Peptides

“Great source of clean protein that mixes well in just about anything.”

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Rich Velazquez


Velazquez is the COO and and a coach at Mile High Run Club in New York City and tries to keep everything loose when he travels.

Trigger Point Grid Mini Foam Roller

“Training is hard enough on the body. Throw in long car rides, flights, or uncomfortable hotel beds and my body becomes a mess quite quickly. This is why I make sure to bring my mini foam roller, to release the fascia before I head out for my workout. The compact size of the foam roller makes it easy for local travel in a backpack or for longer trips in a suitcase. I never check luggage, so space is not always an option when choosing what to bring with me.”

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Corinne Fitzgerald


As a former elite runner and triathlete, Fitzgerald knows the importance of recovery while traveling. The Mile High Run Club coach recommends a tool that can go in every suitcase.


“I’ve recently begun to take my Theragun with me when I travel. It makes quite a bit of noise when used, but does the job of a foam roller in less than half the time! It’s also not hard to throw in my bag, and has an extra battery!”

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