Fight Muscle Fatigue and Soreness With PR Lotion

Amp Human Performance’s PR Lotion combats muscle fatigue and soreness by delivering more of the naturally-occurring bicarbonate to muscles.


During exercise, muscles create acid as a by-product. When you push your body to its limits, the acid buildup produces that burning sensation that often keeps you from going further and longer. Beyond the burn, acid buildup also lowers your muscle pH and disrupts muscle firing and contraction.

The human body naturally produces bicarbonate to neutralize acid, battle fatigue and reduce soreness. Amp Human Performance has taken this simple buffering science found within the body and placed it within a lotion called PR Lotion.


PR Lotion is a tool for the human body designed to deliver bicarbonate directly to your hardest working muscle groups before or after your workout. It buffers the acids produced during exercise, which makes it both a performance and recovery lotion in one. The proprietary lotion delivers more bicarbonate where it’s needed most while bypassing the stomach where gastrointestinal side effects occur. More bicarb means the ability to do more — more miles, more rides and more days doing what you love.

When applied pre-workout, PR Lotion has been clinically proven to increase lactate levels by 11 percent to help fuel muscles for a 25 percent gain in intervals completed, while reducing delayed onset muscle soreness by 53 percent. PR Lotion is a natural fighting force against soreness and fatigue that can help any level of athlete go longer, perform better and recover quicker.

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