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The Running Accessories our Staff Swears By

Whether we’re running or walking in the cold, we all have that one accessory we reach for every single time we head out. Here are the hats, gloves and watches that we gather from our drawers before winter runs.

Brenden Clarke & Chase Pellerin

While the racing season is slowly coming to a close for the year (unless you sign up for a New Year’s Eve race), getting up and out the door in the morning can get increasingly difficult as the temperatures drop. When the temperatures are sub-50, you need to have a trusty kit to gear up for a 5K or 15-miler properly. While our team of dedicated runners sometimes opts for the treadmill over the great outdoors, we’re outside enough that we know what we need to bring to keep our core and extremities toasty.

Our staff trusts in our gear to get us through the run (or walk). Just as with our EDC items and boot-favorites, everyone is particular about what works for them. Here are six pieces we find work for us when the temperature drops and we still want to get outdoors.

Apple Watch

“Ever since I got my Apple watch, I feel like I’m naked without it. One of my favorite features of the watch is that I can track my activity and have now gotten hooked on recording my workouts on my Apple Watch (even my walks to and from Grand Central). It gives me good reminders throughout the day on my activity progress. Plus, I can connect it right up to my AirPods and listen to music on the go.” — Maddie Winrow, Account Executive

Buy Now: $399+


“When I go on long runs, I hate feeling unprepared. Having to stop to buy a water or chapstick or a gel is annoying to me. To keep everything on my person, I use the FlipBelt — and I stuff it. It can hold my phone, fuel, cash, MetroCard and ID, plus the AirPods charging case if I forget to charge them the night before. I can even throw in tissues and a battery charger for my phone if things get to a dire situation. My FlipBelt has lived through countless half marathons, a full marathon and even a 70.3.” — Meg Lappe, Staff Writer

Buy Now: $22+

Ciele Athletics GoCap

“Being comfortable while exercising outdoors in the winter is a matter of finding out how your body’s radiator works. I know that mine runs hot. Even on the coldest days, you won’t find me running (or hiking even) in a beanie. Covering my noggin in wool or cotton is a surefire way to end up too warm, too itchy and too sweaty. Instead I might opt for a headband, but usually, I go out with my favorite running cap. It’s cool (so I’m told) and keeps my long hair out of my face. I typically wear a light sweatshirt with a hood that I can use to protect my ears and neck and throw off once it’s time to vent excess heat. It’s a getup that makes for a cold start, but I’ll take slightly cool rather than overheating any day.” — Tanner Bowden, Assistant Editor

Buy Now: $40

Nike Sweatpants

“I wear these over long johns during the winter runs to the gym. The side zipper is essential for keeping my keys on my person.” — Chase Pellerin, Staff Photographer

Buy Now: $110

New Balance NYC Heavyweight Stretch Fleece Gloves

“When I ran the New York City marathon in 2017, these New Balance gloves quickly became a part of my winter running routine. While this pair is slightly different, the fabric is very similar. The funny part about these gloves is that I never needed them through training until the day of the race. I wouldn’t put them on until the big day was over. After my 26.2-miles, it took roughly a month for me to get running again, and December weather called for these. The stretchy fabric over the thumb and pointer fingers work with your phone, so it’s possible to change the music or podcast mid-stride. While thin, these gloves work great as a base layer for regular runs and ski runs. Plus, it helps to wear something that reminds me of one of the best days ever. Each year, New Balance designs a slightly different pattern, so be on the lookout for the 2019 version next fall.” — Meg Lappe, Staff Writer

Buy Now: $29

Garmin Fenix 5X

“It tracks me and my vitals, tells me where I am on a map, and plays my music!” — Scot Bondlow, Northwest Director of Partnerships

Buy Now: $500

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