How to Be a Better Athlete in 2020

If your New Year’s resolution revolved around getting more fit, these are the stories you need to read for being a better athlete in 2020.

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We all have our own athletic endeavors, and there’s always room for improvement. We compiled all the best tips for maximizing your fitness pursuits so you can reach your full athletic capabilities in 2020. From fitness apps to altitude training, here are the best ways to improve yourself as an athlete in 2020.

What Athletes Need to Know About Collagen Peptides

Used properly, this protein can work wonders. Here's a primer plus products experts recommend.

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If You’re an Athlete, This Mattress Could Be Your New Secret Weapon

Zoma is a performance-enhancing sleep system with years of research, design, and testing in the books.

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10 Workout Recovery Products That Feel Damn Good

These 10 items are worth stocking in your home, gym bag and travel kit -- you never know when you might need one.

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How to Collect a Mountain, According to World-Class Athletes

In a world with no more "firsts" left, do incredible athletic acheivements in the mountains lose their luster?

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How Athletes Reap the Benefits of Altitude Training Without Actually Moving to the Mountains

We can't all live in Boulder, so here are some hacks.

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How Athletes Are Reaping the Benefits of Keto Without Actually Giving Up Carbs

Exogenous ketones were all over the Tour de France — and will surely be the secret weapon of Olympians in 2020. Here’s everything the everyday athlete needs to know.

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What Everyday Athletes Need to Know About Supplements

The future of supplements continues to expand, but what should you actually take?

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How to Meditate Like Steve Jobs and Michael Jordan for Everyday Performance

Whether you're looking to get faster, stronger or calmer, pick the right style of mind work and you'll be halfway om.

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Is Caffeine Good for Your Workout?

Everyone's favorite drug is also one of the best athletic performance enhancers.

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The 12 Best Fitness Apps Right Now

Countless apps strive to help make you fitter, stronger, leaner, looser and more relaxed than ever before. Here are our favorites.

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The Ultimate Hotel Room Workout

This workout takes just 20 minutes, and can be done in any hotel room — or honestly any living room.

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How Yoga Can Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Yoga can, and should be, used not just to find your inner balance, but to unlock a whole new level of athletic prowess.

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