Ready to Bring It? You Can Do the Entire Original P90X for Free

Tony Horton’s total-body series took the workout world by storm 15 years ago — and it’s still an awesome home fitness program.


Perhaps more than any time in history, a lot of us are scrambling for rewarding ways to work out at home. Thankfully, the latest apps and equipment offer loads of options, at a range of costs. But some of the classics can be just as effective at whipping you into shape, if not moreso. Which is why I was delighted by Reddit user SkaPlunk‘s recent discovery: the entire original P90X program is available online at, and it’s free.

For those unfamiliar, P90X (short for Power 90 Extreme) took the home workout world by sweat-soaked storm back in the day. Created by uber-charismatic former stand-up comic Tony Horton in 2005, the program sold more than 4.2 million copies, and even five years later, it accounted for half of parent company Beachbody LLC‘s $430 million revenue.


What’s so great about P90X? As someone who got hooked several years ago, I attribute the appeal of the program — which blends targeted weight and cardio routines into 10 days of workouts you can endlessly repeat — to its accessibility. Horton enthusiastically leads every workout with a rotating cast of disciples, whom he’s only too happy to rib in his goofy dad-joke kinda way. These folks come in all shapes and sizes, and Horton uses them to show alternative ways to do different moves, based on your own abilities and equipment.

That enables you to forge ahead when Horton himself is doing high-level stuff like clap push-ups or corn-cob pull-ups. As he says in just about every video: “Do your best, and forget the rest.” (I know, it’s cheesy, but it’ll grow on you, I swear.)

Learn More: Here

Editor’s note: If you like P90X but are looking for something more advanced, Beachbody On Demand offers a ton of other great fitness and nutrition programming for just about every body type, ability level and goal.

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