Eboost Daily Health Booster

A Boost For Both the Party Animal and Railroad Tycoon


As fit as a many of my Gear Patrol cohorts are, I personally have a hard time squeezing in all the various fitness and health regimens they abide so well by. I tend of rely on my active lifestyle, one daily vitamin, and walking pretty much everywhere I can in New York.

Recently, I came across EBOOST, a daily mix of vitamins and minerals that provide a boost in energy, immunity, recovery, and focus. It’s targeted to those that care about wellness (got one foot in that door), but also have busy lifestyles (got two feet and both hands in that door).

The folks at EBOOST go so far as to call their customers business people, jet set travelers, students, moms, fitness buffs, investment bankers, professional athletes, party animals, supermodels, graphic designers, and even railroad tycoons. Though, the last time I remember being a railroad tycoon was when I owned B&O, Pennsylvania, Short Line, and Reading Railroad in Monopoly, and charged accordingly.

EBOOST works by providing you the following:

  • For Energy: Green tea extract (a source of natural caffeine), glucuronolactone, Vitamin B-12
  • For Immuinity: Vitamin C, zinc, selenium, copper, astragalus, and grape seed extract
  • For Recovery: Minerals (including potassium and sodium for electrolyte replenishment) and essentialvitamins (including C)
  • For Focus: Vitamin B-12, green tea extract, huperzine, 5-HTP, vinpocetine

    As you can probably tell by it’s color, EBOOST is orange in flavor. It comes in powder or tablet form, utilizing effervescent consumption (taking in nutrients through a soluble form, like mixing EBOOST with water). EBOOST also offers an alternative Pink Lemonade flavor, but how could you possibly tire of orange?

    Cost: $15+

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