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These Headphones Aren’t Just Waterproof

What Makes Zygo’s headphones Worth Talking About — by Gear Patrol Studios.

zygo solo headset, transmitter, stand, and case

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Today, most people have a pair of headphones that advertise themselves as water-resistant, or potentially “sweatproof.” While these gadgets target athletes who can't workout without plugging in, you'll still need to be careful not to drop the headphones in a puddle or pool.

For the underwater athlete, or those training in multiple disciplines, waterproof headphones are a must. Now, Zygo is looking to further revolutionize that space with high-performing underwater headphones that also allow for personalized training experience, wireless communication and more.

zygo solo headset, transmitter, stand, and case

The Backstory

Zygo Provides the Whole Package

The Zygo Solo is available in two sizes and comes with a whole range of gear to ensure they stay super functional underwater. Any order will include the headset, a transmitter and stand, a charging case, earplugs and a microfiber cloth for cleaning.

The headphones also give you access to an app that provides specific swimming classes, enthusiastic coaching and curated playlists.

The Gist

So What’s the Deal With Underwater Headphones?

To use a pair of headphones underwater, you don’t have to plug them into your actual ears – which is why the Zygo package comes with earplugs. Instead, fans can simply wear the device around their skull as Zygo transmits your music, podcasts or audiobooks wirelessly via bone conduction. When using the headphones, your music is played through a secondary transmitter which changes the bluetooth signal from your phone into a radio frequency that can reach you further underwater. The headphones have a range of 50M when you’re one to two feet under the water, meaning your music won’t cut out halfway through a lap.

The transmitter also acts as a one way walkie talkie, allowing your coach or friends to chime in with advice or just let you know how great you’re doing.


Zygo Swimming Headphones Are Essential Training Gear

The Zygo Solo Swimming Headphones are a game changer for swimmers. Whether you’re a triathlete, competitive swimmer or just looking for some low-impact cardio, adding in music and coaching takes every moment in the pool to the next level. The connection is easy to use and offers a two to three hour battery life to ensure you’ll stay happily entertained for your whole routine.

While the system isn’t perfect (the headphones aren’t adjustable, music occasionally cuts out on kick turns and at this time there is no tracking capability), Zygo is a huge improvement from anything else on the market. At $299, the Zygo Solo are an investment that more than pays off by making it easier to get in the water and swim. After a few uses, it’s hard to imagine my time in the pool without them.

Price: $299


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