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Restaurant Review By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo Recession proof steakhouse. New York is full of famous steak houses.

Restaurant Review


By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo

Recession proof steakhouse.

New York is full of famous steak houses. There’s Peter Luger’s, Wolfgang’s (not Puck), and of course the infamous Sparks (where a certain Gambino crime boss met his demise). Yes, all three are good and I have neglected many. But all the good places in the city have one thing in common: they’re expensive. So where can you go in the New York area for a good cheap steak; a steak for the recession minded connoisseur? Well, you’ll have to travel west across the Hudson River to Hoboken, New Jersey to a place called Arthur’s Tavern.

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Medium rare, home fries, Guinness. Sounds about right.

Arthur’s Tavern has been a mainstay in Jersey since 1957. The Hoboken location opened much later but it still survived a neighborhood change from working-class to yuppie – a good sign for any restaurant. But what’s better is the menu, the prices, and of course the food.

To start things off, every meal comes with free pickles and slaw. It’s not the mayo-water slaw you find at the supermarket, but good slaw made from crunchy cabbage and a dash of vinegar. But I wouldn’t be writing this if Arthur’s didn’t serve good steak. And this they most certainly do. Not only is it good, it’s cheap.

Their 12 oz Junior Sirloin served with a side of potatoes is only $15.95. You won’t find dry aged beef here, but you’ll get a good cut for a good price cooked the way you want it (medium rare). That means salty and charred on the outside and perfectly pinkish-red on the inside. You want fries with that? Well don’t bother asking, Arthur’s only serves potatoes one way – a variaton of home fries on flavor steroids with bits of onion. Pair all this with a good wine from their wine list or pint of beer (read: Guinness) and you have the perfect steak dinner for just about $20.

Basically, Arthur’s is a great place for steaks at a good price and without the pretentious crowds you’ll find in Manhattan. Bring your firends and check it out before you cross that bridge or tunnel into the city. Or if you live in Manhattan, forget what you know about dirty Jersey and cross the Hudson into the town that brought you On the Waterfront and Frank Sinatra.

Arthur’s Tavern | 237 Washington St. Hoboken, NJ 07030 (201-656-5009)

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