The Cronut King Does Toast, Four Ways

Toast is the bedrock of a good breakfast.

Bryan Campbell

For breakfast, the cow donates its milk, the chicken lends its eggs, and the pig gives its entire self for delicious, delicious bacon. And supporting all of the dowries and sacrifices that make up a good breakfast, toast has always been there as the bedrock. But toast is no longer just a 12-grain vessel for your jam or a country-wheat tool to clean the yolk from your plate.

Dominique Ansel, innovator and creator of the legendary Cronut, is down in the West Village bellowing new life into toast. The ingredient pairings and flavors coming out of the Dominique Ansel Kitchen will have you rethink bread’s utility, and he’s raised the bar on the overdone avocado-toast trend. Breakfast or brunch, Ansel’s creations give toast its full due.

The EGG-Clipse


A squid-ink brioche, topped with mushroom béchamel, garlic mashed potatoes and two confit egg yolks, finished off with a light dusting of shaved parmesan. As Dominique Ansel’s new signature dish, this carefully constructed mound of savory flavors comes together for a dish that’s worthy of any meal of the day.

Sumac Chicken Salad Toast


A sumac-spiced chicken and parsley tabbouleh salad sits atop a brioche pedestal. So, if you thought the chicken salad died in a diner somewhere in New Jersey, a long time ago, think again.

Avocado Edamame Toast


If toast is the canvas, avocado is simply the primer. Painted on this poppyseed brioche is an avocado-edamame mix with fresh ricotta, pickled radishes and mint dashed on top. The subtly sweet flavor takes on more of a dessert taste than breakfast, but either way it’s not a bad plate to wake up to.

Chorizo Corn Succotash Toast


A brioche topped with a medley of corn succotash, zucchini, red peppers, bacon, chorizo and cotija cheese — this is a who’s-who of brunch with a little Spanish flare. It’s enough to make you never look at a breakfast burrito ever again.

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