Personalized Tabasco Gallon Jugs

Torch The Taste Buds One Gallon At a Time


If you or anyone you know enjoys a little kick with their food, these personalized, gallon jugs of Tabasco’s famous hot sauces should have you salivating (or sweating) already. Available in the classic original, as well as their four other popular flavors including chili pepper, chipotle, green pepper, and tongue-scorching habanero, buying one for the kitchen should give you enough of the good stuff to liberally pour on just about every plate. Each gallon jug equals around 66 normal bottles of Tabasco. And there will be no doubt who struck hot sauce gold, thanks to the personalized note stating that the bottle is “presented with due ceremony in the best tradition of the Mc.Ihenney company” complete with a name of your choice (20 characters).

Cost: $45

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