Burger Bouquet

Forget Flowers, Get Her Burgers


Few men will disagree with me that Valentine’s Day is a far too commercialized holiday. The intents and purposes of the day are true at heart, but honestly… expectations much?

My affinity for burgers knows no bounds, so chock this one up to a possible Valentine’s Day gift for me, but if the girl in your life shares a similar attraction to these doubloons of delight then introduce her to me a Burger Bouquet might be just the ticket for a mid-day surprise.
Disclaimer: this is a New York centric gift. The New York Burger Company is offering a tasty spin on the staid chocolate sampler box. It’s a selection of three of their most popular mini-burgers, three dipping sauces, homemade potato chips, a brownie for her sweet tooth, and a hand-written Valentine’s Day card. It’ll cost you $25 and 1000+ calories, but hey I’m all about giving a clever and unique gift.

More Information

New York Burger Company at 212-229-1404 (6th Ave. location) or 212-254-2727 (Park Ave. location). All Burger Bouquets will be delivered on February 13 or 14 between 11:00AM and 8:00PM.

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