Shelf Reliance Thrive 1 Year Food Supply for Family of Five

Total Calories: 2,803,995


We’ll never condone apocalyptic paranoia, but as our ultimate bug out bag article suggested, there’s nothing wrong with a little preparation..or a lot. The Shelf Reliance Thrive 1-Year food supply ($5,500) is one product that could keep you and four other family members fed for a year should the unthinkable occur. Since all the food is either freeze-dried or dehydrated, most have shelf lives of 25 years while still providing nutrition. Don’t get us wrong, the idea of eating “meat” composed of textured vegetable protein for 12 months straight makes us queasy too but it’s certainly a better alternative than starvation. Let’s just hope there’s never a reason to use it. Oh, and if you’re wondering, the image only shows half the total number of cans.

Buy Now: $5,500

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