McDonald’s Designed a Straw Specifically for Shamrock Shakes

The Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal (STRAW) is here to revolutionize your milkshake consumption.


Working with a team of expert engineers and product designers, McDonald’s has created a drinking straw specifically intended for consumption of the new layered Chocolate Shamrock Shake. As first reported by Fast Company, the straw — called STRAW, an acronym for Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal — is made from thicker-than-average plastic and shaped like a fishhook. The innovation lies in the straw’s four openings — one at the tail of the J, two on the upturned hook and one along the bend of the straw. When used, STRAW allows for the shake’s chocolate and mint-flavored layers to be mixed.

A limited run of 2,000 STRAWs will be made available in 80 cities across the United States — and are almost certain to end up listed on eBay. No word on the invention’s capacity to reduce brain freeze.

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