Cinder Is a George Foreman Grill on Steroids

Precision cooking, minus the hassle of vacuum bags and water circulators.


The decreasing cost (and size) of immersion circulators, as well as ease of use thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, has made sous-vide cooking more accessible in recent years. And yet, because sous-vide cooking requires so much additional equipment, it remains fairly intimidating. Cinder is setting out to remedy the pain points of precision cooking with what is, in essence, a jacked-up George Foreman grill.

At the root of precision cooking is temperature control, namely even and consistent heating that eliminates the hot spots found on stovetops and in ovens. Cinder’s heating mechanism is accurate to one-tenth of a degree of the set temperature, and its enclosed lid blocks ambient air for improved control. As is now customary, Cinder offers optional app integration, programmable by temperature or desired visual done-ness. The grill, which caps out at 450 degrees Fahrenheit, can also be set to sear meat at the end of the cooking cycle, melding slow and controlled sous-vide cooking with restaurant-quality finishing touches.

Cinder is now taking pre-orders for a second batch of grills. In the meantime, you can gawk at Serious Eats Managing Culinary Director Kenji Lopez-Alt putting Cinder through its paces with grilled cheese and pancakes.

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