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The Easiest Way to Become a Better Chef

The most essential cooking tool is also the most regularly overlooked.


Centuries ago, when salt was a luxury good, salt cellars were status symbols, passed around the table at meals as an overt display of wealth. Today, salt is used more often than any other spice, whether sweating onions at the start of a recipe, salting water for pasta or finishing a dish just prior to serving. In spite of this, a salt cellar often seems superfluous. Yet the low-tech tool is the simplest way to improve the quality of a dish, keeping the seasoning at your fingertips (literally) when a dish necessitates a pinch, and wide enough to scoop from if a recipe calls for something more.

With its two-cup capacity, the Bee House Salt Box is undoubtedly capacious, and ranks among the best options available. Its Hinoki cypress wood lid absorbs moisture to prevent clumping, keeping salt fresh and protecting the contents from stove-side cooking splatters, while the container’s stoneware body and matte glaze promise durability and look good doing it. It’s almost worth passing around the table to show off.

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