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Tom Hanks Gave the White House Press Corps a $2,200 Espresso Machine

An industry-leading automatic Pasquini machine to power sleepless nights and the breakneck pace of today’s news cycle.


Recognizing that coffee is essential to productivity, especially given the breakneck pace of the contemporary news cycle, Tom Hanks gifted the White House Press Corps a $2,200 Pasquini Livia G4 automatic espresso machine last week. Featuring electronic controls that grind, tamp and brew with the press of a button, the top-of-the-line machine also features a built-in PID controller, measuring variables like water temperature in real time for a more consistent pull.

Per the Boston Globe, this isn’t the first time that Hanks has bestowed a coffee machine upon the press corps. His first gift came in 2004 after Hanks learned that the press room lacked a proper brewer, and was replaced in 2010.

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