You’re Going to Want Delta’s New First Class Dinnerware for Your Home

Designer glassware, plates and cutlery you’ll only find at 30,000 feet.

In-flight meals in Delta premium cabins will soon be receiving a luxe upgrade thanks to a recent collaboration with renowned Italian design studio Alessi. Launching April 1, the 86-piece collection is based on existing items in Alessi’s catalog, modified slightly to reduce weight and improve ease of use.

The stainless steel servingware, for example, is based on Patricia Urquiola’s Orloff set, and the wine carafes are inspired by Stefano Giovannoni’s Mami collection. All of these redesigns were created in consultation with the original designers. “The Mami set is … characterized by smooth flowing lines in the maternal code,” said Giovannoni, “features that have been maintained in this version for Delta, [but made] slightly smaller and lighter, fit for flight.”

To reduce weight, the plates were crafted from bone china rather than stoneware, and feet were added to the bottoms for easier carrying and stacking. Trays feature non-slip surfaces; teaspoons (modified from Miriam Mirri’s Big Love teaspoons) were engineered to rest cleanly atop saucers for one-handed delivery; and wine glasses feature wider, hollow bases for reduced weight and improved stability. More importantly, reducing weight on items like trays and plates allowed Alessi to keep the cutlery hefty — which is subconsciously associated with quality.

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