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A Storage Bag that Will Change the Way You Do Leftovers

It’s also your best option for sous-vide cooking.


Food storage is nothing to get excited about. Ziploc bags, plastic-wrapped plates and Tupperware do a fine job of keeping food fresh for a few days after cooking. But Stasher is rethinking food storage in a way that will change the way you pack lunch, store leftovers, reheat food, cook and clean. Since their debut in 2016, the self-sealing platinum silicone bags have garnered widespread recognition, including Red Dot and Global Innovation awards. Stasher’s airtight bags are microwave-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe and suitable (if not ideal) for use during sous-vide cooking — reusable up to 3,000 times, or over eight years of daily use.

More recently, Stasher teamed up with leading sous-vide circulator manufacturer Anova for a bag intended to simplify the gadget-laden vacuum-sealing process, with half-gallon bags on the way.

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