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How to Get the World's Most Expensive Coffee for Less than $10

Dripkit's collaboration with Café Unido out of Panama yields an instant-ish taste of the most coveted coffees in the world... for $7.

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The most sought after coffee beans in the world are Panamanian beans called Geisha. Their fame comes from an intense sweet and floral flavor profile, but also the cost — cups and bags of Geisha coffee can reach the triple digits. The workaround? Dripkit's new collaboration with Panamanian coffee shop Café Unido.

For $7, you too can taste coffee that commands $1,000-plus price tags at auction. The coffee is sourced from Panama, where Geisha has grown for the last 60 years, and roasted in Brooklyn, New York, before being ground and finding itself inside one of the brand's clever to-go brewing tripods. To brew, just fill the folded-out brewer with hot water four times — it takes about 90 seconds or so.

How does it taste? Not like any instant (or instant-adjacent) coffee I've had. The first sip is sweet, tart and fresh, a little bit like a bite out of a caffeine-imbued green apple. One of the key issues with most instant coffee is a lack of body; basically, it will taste "weak" or "thin" because it's not really brewed, but mixed into water. Dripkit's coffees avoid this through, well, brewing the coffee.

The brand's collab with Café Unido, which includes a second, more affordable coffee called La Harpia, is available on its website now.

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