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Instant Ramen for Adults and 5 More Home and Design Releases

Like Cup Noodles but way better.

instant ramen for foodies and 5 more home and design releases

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: a non-alcoholic beer for Dry January, the sustainable alternative to Ziploc bags and more.

Immi Instant Ramen

No one would call instant ramen a luxury item. At least not the ones you probably ate in college. Immi is a new instant ramen brand dedicated to putting better instant ramen on the market, blurring the line between convenience food and luxury pantry staple. They're as easy to make as you remember, but their ingredient lists are filled with things that don't require you to be a scientist to read. Available in tom yum, black garlic or spicy varieties, these instant ramen packs are the perfect upgrade from the $1 pack you get from the grocery store.

Price: $42 for a six-pack or $56 for a variety nine-pack


Red Clay The All-Stars Hot Sauce

I take my hot sauce seriously. No matter how good a meal is, there better be some heat nearby. As much as I love my Tabasco, Cholulua and Tapatío, there's a new brand of hot sauce on my radar that should be on all of yours, too. Red Clay, based out of South Carolina, is making a whole mess of hot sauces that are more than just standard hot peppers mixed with vinegar. The chef-made sauces use just a handful of ingredients per recipe, but utilize them in a way that maximizes flavor — for example, its Original Hot Sauce is aged in bourbon barrels. You can get a feel for the brand with its All-Stars line up, which includes the Original, Verde and Barrel-Aged Hot-Hot Honey, for a taste of why Red Clay should start showing up on more dining tables.

Price: $27


W&P Design Porter Bags

Expanding on its food and drink storage line, W&P Design released its Porter bags, see-through silicone food pouches meant to be reused over and over again. The single-piece construction makes it easy to flip inside-out and clean, and the lack of adhesives means you won't have to worry about weird chemicals seeping into your food.

Price: $32+


The Caker Cake Kits

The Caker's cake kits are like Betty Crocker for millennials. They're just as easy to prep (combine the mix with just a couple pantry staples) and you can get a bakery-style cake out of the oven in no time. With flavors like matcha cherry and lemon strawberry poppy seed, The Caker is clearly beating Betty Crocker in creativity.

Price: $25


Boulevard Brewing Flying Start

For those participating in Dry January, or if you're just not a drinker, Boulevard Brewing's new non-alcoholic beer brings all the beer flavor without the beer buzz. In a collaboration with Athletic Brewing Co., known for its alcohol-free beers, Boulevard's Flying Start IPA will make you feel like you're cheating on Dry January but you aren't.

Price: $10 for a six-pack


Brooklyn Brewery Bel Air Sour Key Lime

The initial launch of Brooklyn Brewery's Bel Air Sour was a huge hit. It was a limited release before it became a permanent offering in the brewery's line up. Now we're getting a version with key lime, and it sounds like Brooklyn Brewery has another hit on its hands. The OG brew tasted like boozy grapefruit juice, and this sounds like it'll taste like a really good limeade. Eat it with key lime pie if you wish, but we would call that overkill.

Price: $12 for a six-pack


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