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The Best Cooking Oil You’re Not Using (Yet)

Never heard of algae oil?


Whereas a jug of olive oil and a bottle of vegetable oil were once enough to carry a kitchen, it’s not uncommon for today’s cabinets to be stocked with a half dozen or more different cooking oils, each with a distinct smoke point and flavor. Now a new oil is drizzling its way into the limelight, bringing with it an abundance of healthy fats, a high smoke point and unmatched versatility. Based on a survey of over 10,000 consumers, algae oil, specifically Thrive Algae Oil, has been named the Best New Product of 2017 by marketing research firm BrandSpark International.

Algae oil cooks like a vegetable oil, with a smoke point of 485 degrees Fahrenheit (bested only by safflower and avocado oil, at 510 and 520 degrees, respectively) and a neutral taste that lends well to stir-frying and sautéing, as well as roasting. It’s healthy, too — richer in monounsaturated fat (90 percent per serving, compared to olive oil’s 74 percent) and lower in saturated fat than any other cooking oil. If the health perks alone aren’t compelling enough to warrant a purchase, Thrive Algae Oil’s glowing Amazon reviews — a 4.9 out of 5 stars — should seal the deal.

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