This Grill Will Make You the Envy of the Neighborhood

The Vilicci Virtuoso is a masterpiece of outdoor cooking.

vilicci virtuoso

Summer is synonymous with grilling, and with warm temps starting to blanket the northern hemisphere, now is the time to make sure you are geared up for the season. If you want to add a serious upgrade to your outdoor cooking kit, then look no further than the Vilicci Virtuoso. The contemporary design of the Virtuoso will make your backyard the talk of the neighborhood, but with superb functionality, the true draw will be the incredible meals you cook with it. The Virtuoso also allows you to adjust the height of the bowl by three to nine inches, which allows it to fit seamlessly into your deck, patio or backyard. Each grill is made of 98 percent stainless steel and crafted using high-end CNC milling technology — in other words, it's precisely engineered and built to last. The manual skewer can be adjusted into vertical or horizontal positions (based on your cooking needs) with a wheel that allows for rotation of the skewers over the fire — it's the ideal tool for your summer kebabs or for spit-roasting cuts of meat. Though the Virtuoso is a serious piece of grilling gear, you'd be forgiven for solely wanting one for its stunning good looks.

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