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Yes, You Need a Legit Wok (and 5 More Home and Design Releases)

It's time you got a wok, and the new carbon steel option from Five Two is the one.

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Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: a plunger that's actually pretty nice, a collection showing off your love of Miller High Life and more.

Five Two Carbon Steel Wok

five two carbon steel wok

We're constantly raving about carbon steel as a better alternative to cast iron. Carbon steel is lighter and more maneuverable than its heavy counterpart, and it's just as naturally non-stick, with the ability to reach screaming hot temperatures. Millennial favorite brand Five Two, the in-house cooking brand of food publication Food52, just made its new carbon steel wok available for pre-order. The pan comes with a lid and steamer rack, which also doubles as a deep-fried food ledge to let excess grease drip. Now you can finally nail those stir-fries that never seemed to taste like what you get from takeout.

Price: $129


Staff Plunger

staff plunger

No one wants to own a plunger, but you sure as hell need one for those unexpected clogs. And there's also no way to hide your plunger, so you might as well buy a better-looking option. Staff, a new Brooklyn-based home goods brand, wants to give you that better-looking plunger, and it also pays homage to founder Charlie Weisman's grandfather who was a plumber. The brand's take on the tool is made with a brightly colored acrylic handle adorned with a smiley face and an inoffensive matte black rubber cup. It's weird to be hyping up a plunger, but I'll take whatever joy I can get this year.

Price: $32

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      Miller High Life x Junk Food

      miller high life x junk food

      Bros donning beer apparel has rarely been cool, but with Miller High Life's new collection with Junk Food is changing that. Miller High Life has a long history with auto racing, and the collection emulates that perfect vintage clothing vibe, adorned with classic logos and imagery from the brand. A couple highlights include the Racing Pit Flea Market Pit, the Racing Team Muscle Tank and Racing Pit Crew Vintage Revival Jacket. It's like buying the perfect vintage clothes without the vintage price tags.

      Price: $40+

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      Gantri Tray Light

      gantri tray light

      The latest lamp from San Francisco-based design brand Gantri is the Tray light, made to provide light without taking up precious nightstand real estate. Designed by the direct-to-consumer bedding brand Silvon, Tray features a (you guessed it) tray perched atop the cubed lamp. The surface area around the lamp features a rippled effect, influenced by the same design of paper lanterns, which emit a similar mood-enhancing glow. Like all of Gantri's lights, Tray has a dimmable switch so you can set the brightness for any occasion.

      Price: $195

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      Casa Firelli

      hot sauce
      Mike Le

      Casa Firelli is a new hot sauce brand inspired by the flavors of Italy. Its main heat source is the Calabrian chili pepper, which brings just as much fruitiness and savoriness as it does spiciness. It won't send your tongue to the depths of fiery hell, but it will give you a subtle similiar to a dash of red chili flakes. Rounding out Casa Firelli is the umami of porcini mushrooms and balsamic vinger, with some bright acidity from lemon juice and garlic powder.

      Price: $7

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      Made In Bakeware

      Made In

      Made In has come a long way since its All-Clad-competing stainless steel pots and pans. Now it's in the bakeware game, and the DTC brand tapped a very big chef in coming up with the new products. James Beard-award winning chef Nancy Silverton, who basically made sourdough bread what it is today, helped in the design of Made In's new French-made porcelain bakeware, comprising square, rectangular and oval baking dishes. Not only will they be your new favorite thing to cook in, but they just look really damn good, too.

      Price: $69+

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