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This Chef-Approved Tool to Cook Steak Just Got Better

The Thermapen One puts the "instant-read" in "instant-read thermometer."


Every seasoned chef swears by cook temperature and not cook time. Your medium-rare steak will be ready when its internal temperature is 130°F, no matter how long it takes to get there. ThermoWorks is in the business of monitoring and regulating heat for cooks. Chefs swear by the brand's Thermapen Mk4 instant-read cooking thermometer, and those same chefs better get ready to swear by the newer, better version: the Thermapen One.

The Thermapen One is the fastest instant-read thermometer on the market. While the ever-popular Mk4 could get a reading in two to three seconds, the Thermapen One gets a reading in one second, an unprecedented feat that puts the "instant-read" in "instant-read thermometers." And if you're wondering what the hell those couple seconds do, just imagine how many fewer arm hairs you'll scorch by not having to wait for a temperature reading.

Five years of R&D didn't only go into make the Thermapen One a faster cooking thermometer. It's accurate within 0.5° F, features a brighter backlight display and utilizes a new easy-to-access battery compartment, which also houses the settings.


The new thermometer also maintains a lot of what made the Mk4 great: an auto-rotating display, motion-sensing sleep and wake mode and an IP67 waterproof rating. Because ThermoWorks believes so much in its new thermometer, it's offering a five-year warranty on the Thermapen One.

The Thermapen One is available now for $105, available in a breadth of colors. To phase out the Mk4, ThermoWorks is offering a closeout deal on the older model by marking down its $99 retail price to $69 — a fond farewell to ring in its champion.

Price: $105


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