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These Gordon Ramsay-Tested Knives Are Designed for Both Butchery and Throwing at Idiots

Note: we do not condone abusive behavior in kitchens. (Or anywhere.)

hexclad knife next to sliced brisket

Hybrid non-stick pots and pans brand HexClad is no longer in the business of just pots and pans. Now, HexClad makes kitchen knives — a whole knife set, actually — and these new blades even have celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's stamp of approval.

HexClad's new kitchen knife set includes six pieces: a chef's knife, a serrated knife, a santoku knife, a utility knife and a paring knife. Ramsay, who in 2021 became HexClad's lead ambassador, is responsible for the brand's product development, branding and growth strategy. That means he was also in charge with testing and approving these new knives.

And even without that celebrity endorsement, the knives hold their own. The new blades are crafted from Japanese Damascus steel, a material usually reserved for knives crafted by the best of the best in the knife industry.

Damascus steel is the stuff of legends. The material gained prominence during the era of Alexander the Great, and while today's Damascus steel might not be an exact replica of the mythical stuff, it does make for great kitchen knives. Essentially, different types of steel are welded together and worked into folded layers, which contributes to the material's rippled effect and to a blade's superior edge retention and sharpness.

gordon ramsay honing a hexclad kitchen knife
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who serves as HexClad’s lead brand ambassador, is directly responsible for testing and approving the brand’s new kitchen knives.

Like any good knife, the knives are full tang, so the steel is extended all the way through the end of the blade, providing excellent balance and durability. They're also accented by a beautiful green pakkawood handle, which will stand out in any kitchen.

The HexClad six-piece Japanese Damascus steel kitchen knives are available now for $100 under retail, bringing the price down to $399. Also available is a four-piece Japanese Damascus steel steak knife set, which is on sale for $200, also marked down $100.

Price: $499 $399


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