Beecher’s World’s Best Mac & Cheese

Big Cheese


Carbo load like a king by having a tray of Beecher’s World’s Best Mac & Cheese ($50-$125) shipped over night to your door. Not familiar with the Beecher’s brand? Then you’ve been missing out friends. The company began in Seattle, in 2003, and quickly captured the hearts of foodies everywhere thanks to their dedication to making, hand-crafted cheeses that are free of bovine growth hormones, hydrogenated oils, nitrates and polysorbat. In other words, the anti-Velveeta. The brand has since grown and added a shop in New York’s Flatiron district — right around the corner from GP’s HQ, and we couldn’t be happier. Speaking of cheese, this coma-inducing dish is made from Beecher’s signature 18-month aged Flagship cheese and their Just Jack — resulting in delicious combination that’s totally worth demolishing your fitness routine over. Good luck going back to life without it though.

Buy Now: $50-$125 (depending on quantity)

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