Kickstarter: Quinn Popcorn

Snack Better

Want a crash course on the “miracles” of modern industrial food science? Then take a gander at the ingredients of a bag of big brand microwave popcorn. What seems like a simple process apparently requires a labs worth of chemicals and GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) to flavor, preserve, and pop those gum aggravating kernels into an edible form. The folks at Quinn Popcorn hope to change that. Through their Kickstarter campaign, the fledgling company aims to create a line of gourmet popcorn, that uses natural and tasty ingredients to shake up the snack food world. Since the bag is the scariest component of modern popcorn, Quinn has also developed a so-called Pure Pop Bag, which is made from 100% compostable paper and completely free of PFOAs, PFCS, and even the susceptor (a.k.a. that scary microwave-energy-channeling metallic strip found in typical bags). The result of all that ingenuity is a pure marriage of corn and paper. Natural flavoring and oils are then added on after the fact — giving you a chance to feel like a chef, while avoiding the need for advanced preservatives, cooking agents, and the like. Their proposed first batch of flavors includes interesting combinations like Vermont maple & sea salt, lemon & sea salt, and rosemary & parmesan. Pledging $15 or more will score you an inaugural box of the flavor of your choice, with bigger donations resulting in even more movie grazing goodness.

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